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Travis of the Cosmos
At spore r3
Voiced by Brooks Braselman
First appearance Super Spore
Last appearance The Last One
Episode count 2
Species Alien
Gender Depicted as male
Abilities Mind control
Acid splash
Quote Suck it dry!

Travis of the Cosmos is an alien who came to Earth to get a job with a 401-K plan.


Travis first appears in Super Spore, having come to Earth to find employment. He communicates by inserting his tentacle into a host body, allowing him to speak through them. Meatwad teaches him to speak/repeat quotes from a self-help seminar he got from Carl called "Do It All Night, Every Night." Frylock then invents a colander-like machine with a stereo so he would be able to communicate without the need to latch onto a host body. He attempts to get a job at the mall at the end of the episode, but is seemingly unable to, due to being an alien. Travis also seems to have problems controlling his bladder, which is unfortunate considering that his liquid waste is also highly corrosive, at one point actually burning off Shake's right hand (much to his distress).

He appears one last time in "The Last One", having latched onto Randy the Astonishing's head to speak through him. He was presumably killed when Happy Time Harry stabs him in the eye with the knife on his hand.


  • The Colander device that translates what he says re-appears in Hypno-Germ.
  • In "The Last One" Travis is wearing a string of beads very similar to those worn by D.P. and Skeeter. This could mean that he joined their frat at some point.
  • Travis has green blood and orange urine.
  • Travis of the Cosmos was named after the creator of ATHF.COM, Travis Dangel.
  • His language isn't even Japanese if it's translated correctly.


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"Suck it, suck it dry!" "I rule you!"

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