Time Warner

Time Warner with the Fox

Time Warner is a time traveling television executive, who travels though time to warn people not use any ideas from his movies or TV shows or else he'll be forced to sue them. He is a direct parody of Porky Pig from the Looney Tunes, and also serves as an oblivious allegory for the real-world company of the same name.

In his first appearance is in "The Granite Family" he tells the Aqua Teens that they can not go back in time to stop Master Shake from starting a nuclear war, as time travel has already been depicted in multiple movies he owns the rights to. His plans also include traveling to the future to sell The Granite Family re-make to a talking fox (the fox himself being a direct parody of Homer Simpson from The Simpsons and also serves as an allegory for the Fox Network). Irritated, Frylock decides to ignore him and go back in time anyways. Almost immediately after Master Shake punches Time Warner and steals his time machine in order to go back in time to stop himself from starting the nuclear war. This inexplicably results in Shake being the president of the United States.

During the credits its revealed that Time Warner was watching the whole episode as a network executive. He did not find it believable, but the fox decided he likes it after making a suggestion.


  • Time Warner is a reference to Time Warner Inc., which owns Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, HBO, TBS, CNN, Warner Bros. (which owns Looney Tunes and The Flintstones), and TNT, among others.
  • Frylock immediately knew who Time Warner was before ever meeting him.

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