• A thread for suggestions of future polls, or for casual discussion of the current poll of the month.

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    • The last poll had to have been rigged. No way Carl could be more popular than Shake. I demand a recount. [Joke Over]

      [Returning to Serious Mode]

      The poll this time around is an easy decision unlike some of the previous polls, where it was hard to pick a favorite. My favorite poll was Season 1. It's not that I'm a fan of ONLY the first season. It's just that Season 1 had some very bad animation. It's always interesting to look at how far they've come. I always have a good time laughing at how the characters move in "Rabbot."

      Perhaps the poll after this one could be favorite early episode, with the Candidates being the first five episodes (the episodes that aired before 2002 when the show starting producing episodes on a much more regular basis).

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    • Yeah, I was surprised Carl won over Shake. Definitely rigged.

      Thanks for the suggestion. It is pretty hard thinking up new ideas when the more obvious ones have been used already.

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      • Favorite Season Finale
      • Favorite Cold Opening: Dr. Weird or Spacecataz
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    • I didn't realize at first, but we already did "Favorite Season." I think that was the first poll actually, with the second one being the "Favorite Season 10 episode." Oh, well, I guess since it's already been archived, there's no sense in complaining about it now.


      Favorite "MC Pee Pants" episode, excluding "The Last One." (Yeah, he hasn't been on in a long time, but I still felt like suggesting this).

      Favorite "Mooninites" episode.

      Favorite "Plutonians" episode.

      Favorite Title: Aqua TeenAqua UnitAqua Something, or Aqua TV.

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    • Yeah, the poll was a repeat because I didn't have the archive for the results of those polls, they were before I added the archive.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

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    • Bump. I am always looking for new poll suggestions!

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    • Idea:

      Who is better? (Spacecadaz)

      The Mooninites

      The Plutonians

      Something like that.

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    • Poll idea: 

      Who is this site's administrator! [insert laugh track]

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    • Have we already done favorite MC Pee Pants incarnation?

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    • No, thank you for the idea.

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    • A FANDOM user
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