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"The Greatest Story Ever Told"
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Season 11, Episode 9
Original air date August 30, 2015
Production code 1310
Written by Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro
Parental Advisory TV-MA
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 11
"Mouth Quest" · "Brain Fairy" · "The Hairy Bus" · "Sweet C" · "Knapsack!" · "Rabbit, Not Rabbot" · "Hospice" · "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)" · "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

"The Greatest Story Ever Told" is the ninth and final episode of the eleventh season and the 139th and the true final episode of the series overall.


Shake and Meatwad review the events of last weekend, going over the beginning of their eternity. Shake goes on to emulate religious beliefs, reading the "Bibble" and praising Jimmy. Meanwhile, Frylock and Carl come across a shampoo that grants them eternal life. Meeting Christopher Lambert, he too can live forever due to the shampoo. Frylock, Carl and Lambert resort to killing themselves time and time again while Shake and Meatwad gather together with old villains to partake in the Lat Supper, literally feasting on Shake's flesh and blood at the church. & the villians kill Lambert & Carl & Frylock & the police come by immediately shoot down most of the attendees. Unable to die, Frylock, Carl and Lambert go to see Unbelievable Ron's magic act. In an unfortunate accident, Ron starts making everyone disappear, including Christopher Lambert. Carl and Frylock are then arrested by the police taken to jail. 35 years later, an elderly Meatwad sees Frylock, who tells him to find Lambert. After convincing him they can all live forever and be on TV forever, the series ends with the Aqua Teens and Carl watching themselves on television.

Featured charactersEdit


  • The three day gap between the "finale" and this episode was a possible reference to Jesus' resurrection, continuing with the religious parody presented with the episode.
  • This is the official series finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • The song "F-Off" is featured in this episode, while Frylock, Carl, and Christopher Lambert repeatedly kill themselves. "F-Off" originally comes from 12 oz. Mouse, another Adult Swim series which Matt Maiellaro was prominently involved in.
  • It's possible that the Homeless Guy's name is Jimmy.
  • It can be seen that Rabbot, Markula, Emory, Romulox, and possibly Hand Banana survived the shootout.
  • One of the things that Frylock, Carl, and Christopher Lambert kill themselves with is Frylock's toilet from "Total Re-Carl".
  • Among the people in the audience at Unbelievable Ron's magic show is the computer repair woman from "Fry Legs" and Michael Kohler from "A PE Christmas".
  • Dan from "Grim Reaper Gutters", the hooker from "The Clowning", and the nun from "Gee Whiz" can be seen watching Carl's failed executions.
  • Chicken Bittle's name and image appear on the bucket of fried chicken Meatwad brought to Frylock. Bittle is one of the protagonists of the movie Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters.
  • The fourth wall was broken at the end when the Aqua Teens mention the end of the series.
  • this is the second time Carl & Frylock met a new character the first time was "Big Bro" cause 2015 is like 2012.
  • This episode along with Brain Fairy are the only episodes this season where no main characters die. (Although Shake was shot to death by the police he remained alive at the end.)

Quotes Edit

Master Shake: Come on, really?

Carl: So that's it. That's how they end this series?

Frylock: Yeah, I guess so.

Meatwad: We still got a few seconds left. Let's do a joke. Let's do like, a joke or something.

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