The Credits tell you who made something. In Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the Credits consist of an autotune Song with Shake saying "Dancing is forbidden!" from the episode "Rabbot", even though it was often mistaken to be "Finger puppet" when the closed captions are on. Occasionally, Schoolly D sings something else. In Rabbot, the Credits showed the Rabbot dancing. In Escape from Leprechaupolis thru Ol' Drippy, the Credits were shown with over a black Screen, like Family Guy. Starting with Revenge of the Mooninites, the Credits featured the Time Lincoln sending them to the Moon, which became the Cold Opening of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. In Antenna, Larry Miller Hair System , & One Hundred, the Credits roll over the final Scene. Then, the Williams Street logo comes on. It's followed by the CN Skull.


  • Dusty Gozongas: Plays Dusty Gozongas' theme during the credits and the skull logo was replaced with a "Yes"..
  • Boost Mobile: Axe Body Spray appears in every scene in the credits.
  • Dickesode: Replaces the first names of everyone that worked on the episode to "Dick", except for Brendon Small, who is credited as Donald Cock,
  • Antenna: Final scene continues while the credits starts.
  • Robots Everywhere: Carl continues to play "Count the Bullets" with the robots during the credits.
  • Sirens: The "Skull" at the end of the credits is sung by the sirens instead.

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