"Sweet C"
Sweet C
Season 11, Episode 4
Original air date July 19, 2015
Production code
Written by Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro
Guest star(s) Kumail Nanjiani as Frylock's bees
Betsy Sodaro as The Queen Bee
Nick Gibbons as "Drunk"[1]
Parental Advisory TV-14-DLV
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 11
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"Sweet C" is the fourth episode of the eleventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the 134th episode of the series overall.[2]


Carl takes control of a beehive after Frylock shrinks him in an attempt to figure out why the bees have stopped producing honey.

Featured characters

  • Frylock
  • Carl
  • Master Shake
  • Unnamed queen bee
  • Several of Frylock's unnamed bees
  • Unnamed football players
  • "Drunk"
  • Meatwad


  1. Hundereds of Bees die due to Carl not taking care of them.
  2. Both Carl and Master Shake are internally attacked by bees.


  • The cover image for the digital downloads for the eleventh season was derived from this episode.
  • Carl had previously been shrunk in "Unremarkable Voyage" and "Gene E.".
  • The footage seen on Carl's television in this episode is from the episode "Spaghetti" from the Soul Quest Overdrive, a short lived spin-off based on the season five episode "Bible Fruit".
  • The first half of this episode was screened at the C2CE convention on April 25, 2015, when Dave Willis first announced that Aqua Teen Hunger Force had been cancelled.
  • Nick Gibbons, an editor on the series, voices a minor character in this episode, who was named "Drunk".
  • Shake's screaming at the end is recycled from "Piranha Germs".
  • A working title for the episode was "Lost Beekend".
  • This episode leaked online early, before its original airing.

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