"Storage Zeebles"
Season 10, Episode 8
Original air date October 6, 2013
Production code 10x8
Written by Matt Maiellaro,
Dave Willis
Directed by Matt Maiellaro,
Dave Willis
Parental Advisory TV-14-DL
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 10
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"Storage Zeebles" is the eighth episode of the tenth season of Aqua TV Show Showand the 128th episode overall. It originally aired on October 6, 2013.


Carl purchases a storage unit and discovers the magical forest of the Zeebles. He quickly exploits the Zeebles kind nature and begins harvesting the forest of its natural resources.

Featured Characters

  • Carl
  • Frylock
  • Bill
  • Zingo
  • Zaffy
  • Zarfonius
  • Wise and All-Knowing Bush
  • Zorf


  1. Zorf is baked alive inside a pie.
  2. Carl, Bill, Zingo, Zarfonius and several unnamed zeebles are all killed by the night wolf.


  • The Zeebles are parodies of The Smurfs
  • The word shit is unbleeped in this episode, this also happened in The, and Shake Like Me.
  • This is the only episode in the series to not feature all Aqua Teens, which is Frylock being the only one to appear in this episode.
    • Even though Shake does not appear in this episode his voice actor, Dana Snyder is sill credited in this episode.
    • Even though, the Aqua Teens never appeared in Robots Everywhere, Shake and Frylock can be heard on Carl's voicemail.
  • Shake's pinball machine from Eggball makes a cameo.
  • The construction worker from Shake Like Me and Allen Part One appears bulldozing the Zeebles's forest.
  • This is Carl's final appearance until Brain Fairy.
  • This is the first episode since Hand Banana to air in October.

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