Mc Pee Pants new appearence

Sir Loin is the evil reincarnation of MC Pee Pants. He appears in the episode Super Sir Loin, where he releases a new CD called "Doin' it 4 Da Shorteez." In the song, he asks the public to donate their old food and garbage to starving, o homeless children. In the end, however, it turns out that he only did so to collect the garbage for himself, so he can lure flies to it, and collect the stomach acids they regurgitate onto their food to melt down the walls of the First National Bank. He would then steal the money so he can pay for rented patio furniture that he has eaten. At the end of the episode, the Aqua Teens lure him into the slaughterhouse, where he is then brutally killed.

He reappears in the episode Little Brittle where he is reincarnated in an old man. In all of his appearences, he is seen wearing a shower cap, a diaper, and has giant yellow eyes.


Appearences (in other forms)Edit

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