She Creature in her human appearance.

The She Creature is a mermaid entity living in Carl's pool in order to help pay his debts with the local mob. She is the last of the "fish people" after their civilization is killed when Frylock and Meatwad clean the pool with chlorine. Carl, Frylock, and Meatwad all die after she plants her eggs inside them by disappearing inside their penises and giving them an 'indescribable pleasure beyond all description', followed by a very bad itch and then exploding as the eggs hatch. When Master Shake boasts of sleeping with her and her 'friend', she encourages Terry to cut him down with a chainsaw.

Powers & Abilities

The She Creature is a mermaid-like entity that can breathe both in air and water. She mates and reproduces by quickly transforming herself into a small cloud of white sparkles and then inserting herself into the urinary meatus of her partner's penis and laying her eggs throughout his body. The eggs seem to be fertilized by the male's sperm, suggesting that the eggs make their way to the testicles. The process is extremely pleasurable for the male at first, comparable to orgasm, only to be followed by a strong itch, and then a bloody explosion of hundreds of eggs.