Season 5
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Season 5
Season Premiere January 20, 2008
Season Finale March 23, 2008
Episode Count 10 (1 unaired)

Season 4


Season 6

Season 5 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force premiered January 20, 2008 and spanned 9 episodes. The season premiere "Boston" was pulled from air due to the 2007 Boston Bomb Scandel, so "Robots Everywhere" became the new Season Opener.

The episodes "Robots Everywhere," "Sirens," and "Couples Skate" are loosely connected with each other. In these episodes, the Aqua Teens are gone and the landlord, Markula, wishes to sell their house. Unfortunately for Carl, the new tenants he finds turn out to be just as crazy as the Aqua Teens.


# # Title Air date
69 1 "Boston" Unaired
70 2 "Robots Everywhere" January 20, 2008
71 3 "Sirens" January 27, 2008
72 4 "Couple Skate" February 3, 2008
73 5 "Reedickyoulus" February 10, 2008
74 6 "Hoppy Bunny" February 17, 2008
75 7 "Laser Lenses" March 2, 2008
76 8 "Dummy Love" March 10, 2008
77 9 "The Marines" March 17, 2008
78 10 "Bible Fruit"
March 23, 2008


  • This is one of only two seasons in the series (other being Season 10) to not have any main character appear in every episode, as the Aqua Teens are absent from Robots Everywhere and Sirens, and Carl is absent from The Marines.
    • Even though the Aqua Teens never actually appeared in Robots Everywhere, Shake and Frylock can be heard on Carl’s voice mail.
  • This is the first season in which Frylock dies more than once per season. (Reedickyoulus and Hoppy Bunny)

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