"Piranha Germs"
Season 10, Episode 9
Original air date October 13, 2013
Production code 10x9
Written by Matt Maiellaro,
Dave Willis
Directed by Matt Maiellaro,
Dave Willis
Guest star(s) Brian Stack (Don the manager)
Rob Poynter
Parental Advisory TV-14-LV
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 10
"Muscles" · "The Dudies" · "Merlo Sauvignon Blanco" · "Banana Planet" · "Working Stiffs" · "Skins" · "Freda" · "Storage Zeebles" · "Piranha Germs" · "Spacecadeuce"

"Piranha Germs" is the ninth episode of the tenth season of Aqua TV Show Show, and the 129th episode overall. It originally aired on October 13, 2013.


When Master Shake gets a job at a "viral marketing scam", it turns out that they want him to literally spread a sentient flesh eating virus.


  1. Master Shake blows up after being filled with flammable material.
  2. Shake's boss is also presumably killed by the dinosaurs.
  3. One of the dinosaur's heads is torn off.


  • This episode's plot alongside Muscles and Spacecadeuce was confirmed when Totem Pole aired.
  • Balloonenstein is briefly seen in the background at the airport.
  • The woman seen at the Viral Marketing meeting looks similar to Freda.
  • Homeless Guy makes a cameo outside the Viral Marketing building.
  • When Shake gets filled with flammable substance, he looks similar to what he looks like when he eats shellfish in Merlo Sauvignon Blanco.

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