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One Hundred
Season 7, Episode 12
Airdate May 2, 2010
Production Number 711
Writer(s) Matt Maiellaro,
Dave Willis
Guest star(s) Tom Savini and George Lowe as the cops,
Robert Smigel as 100,
Nick Weidenfeld as himself
Amber Nash as Tabitha
Parental Advisory TV-MA
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 7
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One Hundred is the 100th Episode Of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It originally aired on May 2, 2010.


Frylock is obsessed with the number 100, which keeps appearing everywhere. This was a very obvious parody of the film The Number 23. Frylock says that the Mayans invented the number, which is an obvious parody of the "2012" phenomenon.

Shake then flies off to meet with the network guys, and Dana Snyder pops out of his lid, demanding syndication money, claiming it's the one-hundredth episode, so he deserves it. A network executive replies that because Aqua Teen Hunger Force is only eleven minutes long, they only have fifty half-hours. Shake then comes back wearing a Laker's shirt and sunglasses and tells Meatwad to pick a card.

A giant monster in the shape of the number 100 appears at the Aqua Teens' house and sends them into the world of Scooby Doo where the show is now renamed Aqua Unit Patrol Squad. Frylock is now called Fry Boy, Shake is now called Captain Pistachio, and Meatwad becomes a parody of Scooby, called Meaty Meaty Moo. A woman named Tabitha who resembles Daphne/Velma joins them. Carl briefly appears, but Shake tells him to leave. When Carl tries to leave a creature kills him. They investigate a haunted house, where Dr. Weird, Handbanana,, Dr. Wongburger, and Willie Nelson (from "The Shaving") are briefly seen. They unmask the monster, who turns out to be the 100 Monster. Shake tells him that he failed to put Aqua Teen Hunger Force into syndication, saying that he even tried to double the episodes to make them fit into a half-hour.

The credits roll over Dana Snyder again trying to reach a syndication deal for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but the network executives walk out on him, saying that nothing he says is funny.


This episode jumps to a Scooby Doo parody, which IGN says is the "funniest stuff ATHF has done in a long time." [1]

IGN gave the episode a 7.8. out of 10, generally classifying it as "good," but comments on how oddly dark things went, when they had a character show up and state his desire to rape and behead a female character in that episode. After some dialog, the character grabs the female and takes off off to the woods. The show ends with Snyder being criticized for this by one of the previously-seen network people.


  • From this episode to Last Dance with Napkin Lad, the team is now known as Aqua Unit Patrol Squad.
  • Fans have debated if this is actually, in truth, the 100th episode. Seeing as how the episode Boston has never aired and may not be real, and the episode Deleted Scenes is semi-split up, it may be the 99th or even 98th episode.
  • In the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad opening, the monsters that chase the Aqua Teens are Carl's costume from Monster, Dr. Wongburger, Hand Banana, Willie Nelson, Dr. Weird, the robot bank robbers from the Theme Song and

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