"Ol' Drippy"
Season 1, Episode 7
Original air date April 21, 2002
Production code 107
Written by Matt Maiellaro,
Dave Willis
Guest star(s) Todd Field (Ol' Drippy)
Parental Advisory TV-PG-DL
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"Ol' Drippy" is the seventh episode of the first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It originally aired on April 21st, 2002.


Cold open

Dr. Weird starts with his dialog "Gentlemen... Behold!" when Steve interrupts and says "you know, you can call me Steve... there is nobody else in here" when Dr. Weird notices a villain behind Steve.

Main plot

Frylock discovers that Shake has completely ruined the kitchen and angrily calls him in to look at the mess. Shake tries to wiggle out of responsibility, even trying to shift the blame to Meatwad, but Frylock isn't convinced by his remarks or solutions however and tells him to go buy cleaning material. When Shake comes back, however, the bag is filled with nothing but air freshener and spray cheese. Naturally, Frylock is even more angry at Shake and asks how Shake is supposedly going to clean the kitchen with cheese. To which Shake declares that he doesn't care about the real kitchen anymore and that the living room is the new kitchen. While Shake is talking about his obscenely half baked idea and lighting his chair on fire with kerosene and declaring that it's the new stove, Frylock notices a patch of growing mold in the kitchen that appears to be breathing. After Meatwad causes an explosion by tossing one of the air freshener cans into the kerosene fire, a creature with well manners comes in from the kitchen and is a creature made from Shake's filth. Meatwad goes off to play dolls with the creature and promptly names him "Ol' Drippy" because he is dripping while they play. Meanwhile, Ol' Drippy goes to get a real doll for Meatwad, but is a cardboard woman in a bikini holding a six pack without a head (Carl had stolen it from a liquor store).

Meanwhile, while Shake takes out all of the filth and dumps it in Carl's pool, Carl comes in to get the so-called "doll" back from Drippy. Drippy kindly gives Carl his Cardboard Standee back and rakes Carl's leaves. Afterwards, Drippy buys coffee for everyone, but there isn't enough for Shake, so he offers Shake his coffee, but Shake just gets angry and knocks it out of Drippy's hand. Shake leaves. When Carl comes over demanding to know why the garbage is in his pool Drippy offers to clean it and the others tell Shake he could learn from Drippy. Shake comes back home in the rain. Shake possibly catches a cold or fever, and Drippy lets him eat his head because it's made of penicillin (although Frylock says "He needs an ass whuppin', that's what he needs."). Making Meatwad sad watching Shake eat his head, Shake keeps eating his head for three days. After he's done, Drippy is still alive but weakened. Shake goes outside to "run amok" and spots a takeout menu for a chicken wing restaurant in the middle of the street. He goes into road to get it and while gushing about the great deal the menu was offering, fails to notice the oncoming truck. Drippy sees that Shake is about to get run over and comes running out of the house. Drippy pushes Shake out of the way, while the trucks runs over him over instead. Meatwad cries out in despair, while Shake, still obsessed with the pamphlet, fails to notice what even happened. In the pool Frylock and Shake argue while Shake eats wings. After Shakes tells Meatwad Drippy said he didn't like him as he was pushing Shake (a lie) Meatwad asks for a wing which Shake throws. Whe Meatwad finds it he realizes it's only a bone and when he asks where the meat is Shake tells him to "make doll out of that".

Featured Characters

Dr. Weird
Lake Monster (ripped from an episode of Scooby Doo, Where Are You?)
Master Shake
Narrator (Schoolly D)
Ol' Drippy


  1. Ol' Drippy is run over by a truck.


  • Meatwad names Ol' Drippy because he was dripping; however, he only drips once in the entire episode.
  • The grocery bag filled with sand is from "Food Badge".
  • Ol' Drippy bought coffee from "Cafe Bean".
  • Carl says "If I wanted a wife I'd order one from Russia." Carl later does this in the episode "Mail Order Bride."