Nathan Scott Phillips digesting Meatwad

Nathan Scott Philips is Meatwad's pet snake that Master Shake ordered for him from a mail order catalog in Super Birthday Snake. Shake was actually supposed to order Meatwad a pet rabbit, but in typical form decides to be a dick and order a venomous snake instead.

When the snake arrives, Shake insists it's actually a bunny, and Meatwad attempts to accept him as a pet despite not looking like a rabbit by stapling pipe cleaners (shaped like bunny ears) to his head. The infuriated snake then bites Meadwad a number of times, apparently injecting him with venom, then swallows him whole.

Frylock and Shake force-feed Nathan a large amount of beer in an attempt to get it to vomit up Meatwad. Instead, the snake gets drunk and passes out, and Meatwad gets drunk inside the snake's stomach as well. After further antagonism, Nathan swallows Master Shake also, and he too gets drunk from the booze in the snake's stomach. Frylock makes the final decision to blow the snake open with his laser lenses, against the drunken protests of both Meatwad and Shake. But the plan backfires, and kills all three of them, which leads to massive regret and a nihilistic  personality change in Frylock. By the end of the episode, it is revealed that everything was a computer simulation created by Frylock to prove to Meatwad that he's not mature enough to have a pet, however it is revealed that THAT was a simulation that was created by Meatwad to prove to Frylock that he doesn't know what Meatwad likes and likes to do.


  • His model is frequently used for when the show needs a snake.
  • His existence can be debated as he was revealed to be part of a virtual reality.

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