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Season 10, Episode 1
Original air date August 11, 2013
Production code 10x1
Written by Matt Maiellaro,Dave Willis
Directed by Matthew I. Jenkins
Guest star(s) John DiMaggio as Shake's Muscles (Credited as "Johnny Dee")
Parental Advisory TV-14 LV
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 10
"Muscles" · "The Dudies" · "Merlo Sauvignon Blanco" · "Banana Planet" · "Working Stiffs" · "Skins" · "Freda" · "Storage Zeebles" · "Piranha Germs" · "Spacecadeuce"

"Muscles" is the first episode of Season 10 and the 121st overall of the Aqua TV Show Show. It premiered on August 11.


Master Shake suffers from high blood pressure, and ends up in the hospital. After this, he promises to get fit. When walking by Carl's house, Carl tells him about a energy drink he is distributing that will get Shake buff without doing anything.  When returning home, Shake shows off his new strength by throwing Meatwad and Frylock's threadmill through a wall. After he falls asleep, his muscles come to life. The muscle heads to a local bar, where it beats up dozens of people. The next morning, Frylock alarms Shake about the events from the night before, but Shake is unaware of what happened until the muscles come back to life, threatening the Aqua Teens if they do not get more of Carl's energy drink. When arriving at Carl's house, the muscles break everything that he owns. Frylock gives the muscles muscle relaxers, which stuns them/it. Frylock takes Shake to a veal fattening pen to melt away the muscles. Six months later, Frylock and Meatwad check on Shake, who has become a fat cow. He warns them to close the gate since there a coyotes nearby, but they don't, letting the coyotes eat him (They can't understand him). The remaining Aqua Teens sadly watch as Carl tells them to "just in the car". 

Featured charactersEdit

  • Frylock
  • Master Shake
  • Meatwad
  • Carl
  • Shake's muscles
  • Patrons at Opossum's
  • Schoolly D (animated)


  • The cover image for the digital downloads for the tenth season was derived from this episode.
  • Carl telling Shake that "He's just gonna die" is a reference to the episode "Diet", in which the same thing is said to Meatwad.
  • This marks the third time Meatwad wears his jogging attire.
  • This episode's plot of Shake ingesting a Singapore drink called Thump was confirmed alongside "Piranha Germs" and "Spacecadeuce" when "Totem Pole" premiered.
  • Drink flavors are "Mango Bitch Slap", "Coconut What Did You Say To Me", and "Blueberry Butt Rape".

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