"Multiple Meat"
Season 7, Episode 9
Original air date April 11, 2010
Production code 708
Written by Matt Maiellaro,
Dave Willis
Parental Advisory TV-14-LV
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 7
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Multiple Meat is ninth episode of the seventh season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the ninety-seventh overall.


Master Shake punishes Meatwad for an unspecified misdeed by chopping him in half with a sword. However, instead of causing pain to or killing Meatwad, it instead creates two, smaller Meatwads.  The Meatwads are incredibly friendly and polite to one another, to the point of having a conversation lasting several months about who should walk through a door first. Shake is infuriated by the banality of the Meatwadses conversations, but instead of learning a lesson, he continues to cut Meatwad in half, creating even more, smaller Meatwads.  Carl tries to play Texas Hold-em (using flash cards) with eight Meatwads, but when he wins, he is enraged to find out that all of the Meatwads' money came from a board game.  Shake eventually brings to Frylock's attention that the then dozens of Meatwadses decided to convene some kind of democratic council (although it is never stated for what purpose) in which, since none of them can count, every vote they hold ends in a deadlock. Shake begs Frylock for help in reconstituting Meatwad, but Frylock claims to have a better idea.  He suggests to the Meat Council that they sing a song, gets them started in a round of "3 million bottles of beer on the wall", grabs a packed suitcase, and leaves.

Twenty-seven years later Frylock returns to the dilapidated, filthy home as the Meat Council nearly finishes singing the song. Frylock goes to his former room which Shake now occupies, now morbidly obese, bedridden, blind, and nearly deaf.  Frylock informs Shake that he and Meatwad were holding Frylock back, and that without them, he was able to have a wildly successful life.  He offers shake a bug bomb to disperse the Meat Council and end the singing, but Shake declines, having gouged out his own eyes with oyster forks and slicing off his own ears many years before.  Seeing nothing more in staying, Frylock leaves in his limousine, never to return. The Meat council reaches the end of the song, and when deciding what to do next, unanimously decide to start the song over. As the camera pulls back from the exterior of the house, we hear what is presumably Shake killing himself with his gun.

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  1. Technically speaking, the original Meatwad is killed by Master Shake via, slicing him in half with a sword. But in turn creating two smaller identical Meatwad-clones.
  2. Master Shake slices Meatwad in half roughly 107 times after the original is killed.
  3. Master Shake kills himself with a gun.


  • Around the four minute mark, it starts snowing outside. Yet, when it cuts to the next scene, with Shake sawing the Meatwads into pieces, there is no trace of snow.
  • Despite the fact that all Meatwads deadlocked in voting due to not being able to count, they were successfully able to sing "3 million bottles of beer on the wall".
  • When the Meatwads are playing poker with Carl, their voices get mixed with one another.


  • All of the Meatwads are apparently named with numbers (as Carl calls one of the Meatwads "Seven".)
  • Space Ghost is seen in a dumpster after the twenty-seven years of the Meat Council singing.
  • It took the Meat Council approximately twelve seconds to sing one verse of "three million bottles of beer on the wall" If the pieces of Meatwad continously sang at that pace, without any pauses, mistakes, interruptions, or restarts, it would have taken them one year and thirty-one days to finish the song. However, since the pieces of Meatwads admitted to not knowing how to count, it is easy to see why it took them twenty-seven years to finish.