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Voiced by Dave Willis
First appearance Rabbot
Birth date September 23
Species Ground mystery meat/humanoid
Family Dr. Weird (creator)
Master Shake (brother)
Frylock (brother)
Chicken Bittle (brother)
Rabbot (sibling)
Mothmonsterman (sibling)
Walter Melon (Brother)

Unnamed Ginger Woman (Wife)
Unnamed Half-Meat/Half-Human Girl (daughter)
Hankwad (Son)

Gender Male
Job Detective (Formerly)
Mega Braid Salesman
Abilities Shapeshifting
Static-induced discharges (episode 5 only)
Multiply (when sliced in half, like a worm)ability to read minds
Quote "It's spreadable, and it's edible." "What's the magic word, bitch?"

Meatwad is one of the four main characters on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. His low intelligence, naivety and trusting nature often causes him to be abused and manipulated by others, most notably Master Shake and the Mooninites.


Meatwad is quite arguably the most childish and dumbest member of the Aqua Teens. He is a gullible and extremely unintelligent character whose child-like innocence is often the target of numerous forms of ridicule and bullying by Master Shake and even The Mooninites. Though Frylock tries to protect him from their abuse and corruption, Meatwad is often too oblivious to realize that he is, in reality, being used by them for their various schemes; in fact, there have been times in the series where he would often side against Frylock in an effort to fit in with his supposed friends.

Despite his child-like persona, Meatwad does seem to possess limited knowledge of adult culture. An example of this is his knowledge of profanity, although due to his childish outlook on life, he is shown to misinterpret certain words and mistake them for another meaning (Meatwad believed that saying "Fart you, Farthead," was how a person dropped an F- bomb)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to his anatomy, Meatwad has the unique and rather impressive ability to shape his body into various shapes and forms, with the most common by far being a hot dog and an igloo (as seen in the intro to every episode). Periodically he will also shift into various shapes as required by the episode plot, such as a hand displaying the middle finger (while antagonizing passing cars at the Carl Wash), a flower (while high on pills), a "meat bridge", and what he bizarrely imagines to be the likeness of Wayne Gretzky (everybody else except Randy the Astonishing correctly identifies the shape as Abe Lincoln wielding a samurai sword).

In some instances, Meatwad has also been shown to be able to multiply into several smaller versions of himself should he be sliced in half[1]. The duplicates that he spawns seem to all possess unique personalities that are very similar to the original. The duplicates have also been shown that while they are all in theory parts of Meatwad, they are shown to be smart enough to form what appeared to be a government-style group in which they would discuss various things and make decisions on what course of action that they should take.

As his body is entirely made up of meat, Meatwad is also depicted frequently as being invulnerable to most forms of attack, though he is briefly killed when shot with a shotgun in the movie.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit


Meatwad and Frylock share a father-son relationship with each other. Despite caring for Frylock, Meatwad frequently ignores his attempts at protecting him, often siding with Master Shake when Frylock voices issue with Shake's asinine plans.

Master ShakeEdit

Meatwad is an occasional friend and frequent enemy of Master Shake. Meatwad likes Shake, but Shake is often shown to hate Meatwad, frequently bullying and abusing him every chance he gets, but Allen Part 2 shows that both characters may care about each other. Although Meatwad truly likes Shake, he has stated that he does dislike his tricks. Meatwad and Shake appear to have an ongoing battle for supremacy. Shake often tries to hurt Meatwad or manipulates him into doing manual work, embarrassing things, or helping him with one of his ridiculous plans. Meatwad has, however, managed to outsmart Master Shake with little to no consequences. In "Party All the Time," Meatwad managed to get Shake to eat a scorpion, effectively killing him. In "Bookie", Meatwad orders Terry and Carl to beat up Shake for attempting to ruin Meatwad's magic tricks.


Carl generally does not care about Meatwad's well-being but hangs out with Meatwad more so than Frylock and Shake. He is also shown to be kinder to Meatwad than the rest of the Aqua Teens.

The MooninitesEdit

Meatwad sees the Mooninites as his "Runnin' Crew," a group of friends who care about him. In reality, however, the Mooninites do not care at all what happens to Meatwad and have been known to manipulate him into shoplifting, hypnotizing him with a certain belt, scamming him with useless "Moon Master" merchandise, etcetera.

Deaths Edit

  1. Super Birthday Snake: Explodes along with Master Shake when Frylock tries to kill Meatwad's Snake. (Although it was inside a simulation.)
  2. Grim Reaper Gutters: Shoots himself in the head.
  3. Antenna: Dies of blood loss along with Carl, Frylock, and George Lowe.
  4. Colon Movie Film for Theaters: Master Shake kills him with a shotgun. (however, he is revived) 
  5. Reedickyoulus: Dies along with Frylock when the house explodes due to a gas leak. 
  6. She Creature: Explodes when the mermaid's babies burst out of his body.
  7. Time Machine: Dies along with the cockroaches in explosion.
  8. Last Last One Forever and Ever: Dies in a fiery explosion in the car wash. (Although it was just inside Shake's Story.)
  9. Juggalo: Burns to death along with Frylock when ICP burns down the courthouse.
  10. Mouth Quest: Dies when an alien bursts out of his body.
  11. Knapsack!: Blown up by a missile along with Frylock, Shake, Carl, Jubilee, Knapsack, and Gypsy the GPS.
  12. Rabbit, Not Rabbot: Gets eaten by a snake while trapped in a hamster's body.



Meatwad did not appear in the following episodes.

Note: This list does not take into account opening sequences and closing credits.



The original Meatwad, as depicted in the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode, Baffler Meal.

  • Although Meatwad was born in September, in the opening, it is said that he's a Taurus.
  • Meatwad, along with the other Aqua Teens, originally made his debut in the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode "Baffler Meal". He was very similar to as he is today; he still looked similar, sounded the same, but he was gloomy and depressed. He was also voiced by Dave Willis then.
  • Meatwad has no brain and instead uses a plastic brain-shaped squeaky toy as a substitute. The reason for this is that when Dr. Weird created him, he only gave him spray cheese to compensate for a brain. Which is impressive due to him being made of meat, he also immune to gunshots. He also has the second least amount of deaths in the show. (Frylock has the least amount of deaths overall.)
  • Meatwad has also stated that he cannot defecate, urinate, or vomit. He compares this to the Thunderdome, except "Two men enter; no man leaves." This however was later proven false in the episode Chicken and Beans, where Meatwad projectile vomits copiously, all over the sub shop, he also heavily defecated in a bag in The Granite Family and heavily urinated in his infection suit in Piranha Germs.
  • In the episode Der Inflatable Führer Meatwad became Jewish after Adolf Hitler had him circumcised, gave him a bar mitzvah and removed the pork meat from his body.
  • In the live-action episode, Last Last One Forever and Ever, Meatwad is played by an exercise ball, but he still has Dave Willis's voice.
  • Meatwad made a non-speaking cameo in The Brak Show episode "Brak Street".
  • Meatwad had also made a cameo in The Brak Show episode "Bully".
  • Meatwad is the only one of the trio to be alive at the end of the series. (Technically, this isn't true, as the real finale showed all of them alive at the end)
  • It also seem that he possesses reproductive organs, as stated by Frylock and in the series finale, he has children with his unnamed ginger wife.
  • Meatwad dies at a notably higher rate in the final season.
  • Meatwad has roughly survived in 92% of all the episodes.

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