The dummy weilding Master Shake's collectable ax.

The Kill Dummy is a murderous, psychopathic, ventriloquist puppet wearing a black suit and bowtie that was mysteriously left outside on the Aqua Teens's doorstep on a stormy night. It repeatedly chants the word "KILL, KILL, KIIILLL!" with claps of thunder each time he says it. It's a parody of the murderous doll "Chucky" from the Child's Play horror movie series.

In Dummy Love

The Aqua Teens soon become aware of the dummy's habit of constantly chanting "KILL, KILL, KIIILLL!!" while thrashing his miniature knife. This annoys the Aqua Teens to the point of destroying it. However, it is soon revealed that whenever it is demolished, it always returns "alive" and well as if nothing had happened to it. Later in the episode, in a final attempt to get rid of the dummy once and for all, Frylock stops by Carl's house and offers it to him. To which Carl replies, "No thanks. Already got one." A second dummy (this one black and wearing a blue suit and bowtie) then hops out from behind Carl and chants the word, "DIE! DIE! DIIIEEE!" with claps of thunder each time he says it (as with the original dummy). The two dummies quickly become friends and then apparently fall in love, demanding access to Frylock's bedroom so they can have sex on his bed. As the clacking sounds of dummy sex echo throughout the house, Meatwad is confused, noting 'Those dummies sure do....get along", while Frylock is disgusted, announcing that he's not "running no damn dummy boarding house." Shake, on the other hand, sees an opportunity for money and decides to start a magic act where he destroys each dummy on stage, only to have it magically reappear intact.

At the end of the episode, Meatwad wishes out loud that the dummies "Were real flesh and blood boys." To which Master Shake angrily replies "NO!". Coincidentally, this is on the same night a shooting star passes, and Meatwad's wish comes true. The next morning, the Aqua Teens discover that the dummies have become real live people, but are still incapable of saying anything other than "KILL" and "DIE". Since Master Shake used the dummies in his comedy act, he frets that without them being dummies, they would be of no use to him and his act would be ruined. In a sudden outburst of rage, Shake whips out an ax, kills the former dummies, and is sent to jail. While in jail, he gets a phone call from the dummies, which enrages him further as they're still incapable of saying anything but KILL or DIE. It's only after he hangs up do the dummies do say something other than KILL or DIE, "He hung up." "Yeah...he hung up."

In Last Dance for Napkin Lad

The Dummy is once again shown in the 8th season finale, only as a cameo, being displayed as a camera the Skeletons view to watch over the Aqua Unit.


  • Kill Dummy has many similarities to some of R.L. Stine's novels.