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"The Intervention"
Season 8, Episode 03
Original air date May 22, 2011
Production code 804
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Directed by Ned Hastings
Guest star(s) Idris Elba as the police officer
Parental Advisory TV-14 DLV
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 8
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"Intervention" (also known as "The Intervention") is the 3rd episode of Season 8 and 103rd overall episode of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1.


When Carl is arrested for drunk driving and receives a DUI, he turns to Frylock as his personal chauffeur. When Frylock finally grows tired of flying him everywhere, Carl then turns to Meatwad, who could power his breathalyzer-activated car. After getting caught once again by the police, and after a small intervention, Frylock tries to convert him to christianity. Unfortunately, Carl and Jesus apparently don't "see eye to eye". They go to a museum with old Jesus posessions. They take his hair, and put it in Frylock's cloner. But this didn't bring Jesus back to life, it brings his gay hairdresser Rupert back to life instead. Frylock still tries to get Rupert to convince Carl, but Carl sees this as an advantage to get on the road while drunk again.

Featured CharacterEdit


  • This is the first episode to show Melonshakers, the strip club always mentioned by Carl first in MC Pee Pants.
  • Frylock is revealed to be a Christian believer, but he wasn't since The Dressing and Bible Fruit.
  • Meatwad thinks "fart" is a bad word, but he did say it since Total Re-Carl.
  • That store that Meatwad drags Carl to is the same one in The Meat Zone.
  • Shake suggest Carl does something he can at least tweet about, possibly pointing out he is on Twitter.
  • This is one of Dave Willis' favorite episodes.
  • Carl's "guitar solo" is the recycled animation from The Clowning.
  • Despite the move to Seattle, the police car still has "South Jersey Police" written on the side.
  • This is the first time when Carl has said Frylock's name.
  • On [adult swim] Video, this episode is rated TV-MA.

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