Voiced by Dave Willis
First appearance Mayhem of the Mooninites
Last appearance The Greatest Story Ever Told
Episode count 21 (including Spacecataz and movie)
Species Mooninite
Gender Male
Quote "We are the Mooninites, and our culture is advanced beyond all you can comprehend with 100% of your brain."

Ignignokt is the condescending and rude leader of the Mooninites. He and his acquaintance Err often bother the Aqua Teens with incredibly ridiculous plans.


Ignignokt's appearence is based on old Atari games, appearing as a blocky, indistinct blob of green pixels with stumpy blue limbs and a stoic expression, which rarely changes.


Ignignokt is an elitist who often claims that the moon is a civilization far more advanced than the Earth, even after being proven wrong several times. For example, he once claimed to be better than Frylock because he could jump higher due to the moon's lower gravity. When he tried this, he failed to jump higher, because he wasn't on the moon at the time.

Ignignokt claims that "everything [the Mooninites] say and do is right," but also has a knowledge for the law. He sometimes even scoffs at others for doing bad things, in acts of hypocrisy. Ignignokt often forms convoluted plans for various purposes. In "Revenge of the Mooninites," for example, they planned on scamming Meatwad into using Harvest Time tickets in order to "fill [the ten-speed] with illegal substance and [send] it down the river."

Ignignokt enjoys pulling pranks on people and has been known to leave Graffiti and make crank calls. However, Ignignokt's pranks go far beyond being simple annoyances and vandalism. He often injures people in the process. The Mooninites once froze Carl in a block of ice in "Revenge of the Mooninites." Ignignokt even went so far as to invite all of the previous villains of the show to kill the Aqua Teens in "The Last One." Why he did this is never fully explained.


Ignignokt owns an equally pixelated laser, which fires an incredibly slow energy beam (which is composed of a single pixel). This laser blast has surprisingly effective results, but he has only successfully hit someone with it once in the entire series run. There are variations of this beam, such as the Quad Laser and the Quad Glacier. The Quad Laser is demonstrated when the Mooninites "lock in." Err fills in the hole on top of Ignignokt's head, and they show four lasers, which all fire one large blast, which is still a single large, slow pixel. The Quad Glacier is formed in relatively the same way. The Mooninites lock in, but they also multiple and form a large gun to fire an incredibly large laser. However, this laser seems to be useless as Ol' Drippy touched it and he wasn't affected. This was only demonstrated once during "The Last One," and Err's legs were broken because of the combinee Master Shake.

Relationships with other charactersEdit


Ignignokt simply hates Frylock for ruining his schemes and for being a "nerd." Frylock and Ignignokt often talk down to each other and have even gotten into fights, as they have some sort of battle for supremacy raging on. Unlike the majority of character Ignignokt talks to, Frylock seems to never fall for Ignignokt's tricks.


He and Err have tried to convince Meatwad to do bad things with high levels of success, only to leave him with the consequences of his actions. Although Meatwad considers the Mooninites to be his "running crew," Ignignokt really does not care about Meatwad at all.

Master ShakeEdit

Ignignokt and Shake, despite not being friends, seem to get along fairly well, but this may be due to them being so similar to one another. Ignignokt is not above scamming Shake, however. In "Mayhem of the Mooninites," Shake allowed Ignignokt to rent out Meatwad's room, even though he never received payment beyond Meatwad's boom box. Other examples of Ignignokt's manipulation over Shake include "Remooned," "Moon Master," and "Moonajuana."


Ignignokt's relationship with Carl has not been very consistent. Originally, Ignignokt would often make Carl miserable by writing on Carl's car with a key, swimming in Carl's pool, stealing his pornography, [etc.] In Season 3, Ignignokt started treating Carl with a little more respect, which isn't saying a whole lot, because they still knocked him unconscious in "Remooned" and sold him useless and overpriced toys in "Moon Master."

The PlutoniansEdit

Ignignokt considers the Plutonians to be even more beneath him than the Aqua Teens. Ignignokt has stated on more than one occasion that "Plutonians are teh suck." It is never fully explained what this means. Oglethorpe seems to genuinely like Ignignokt in "The Last One," but they are sworn enemies in Spacecataz. In the Season 3 cold openings, the Mooninites and the Plutonians exchanged quite a few pranks before being killed due to the show's lack of continuity. This exchange of pranks is often exaggerated by fans to be a full-fledged war that continues to this day, even though a sequel to Spacecataz wasn't produced until Season 10.



  1. Spacecataz: Dies in an explosion along with Err, Emory and Oglethorpe.
  2. Moonajuana: Dies in a shootout along with Err in a movie.
  3. Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 Intro: Has his chest cut open by Frylock's eye lasers.
  4. Jumpy George: Shot to death along with Err by two alien bodyguards disguised as kids.
  5. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever Intro: Suffers his same death from the season 8 intro, but on a billboard.
  6. The Greatest Story Ever Told: Shot to death along with several past characters by the police.


  • Ignignokt's name is often and widely misspelled as Ignignot or Ignignock.
  • Unlike Err, whose facial expression has yet to change, Ignignokt's has changed several times in the series, including a mad face and smiling face.
  • According to the Volume One DVD commentary for "Mayhem of the Mooninites," Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro drew inspiration for the Mooninites from an urban legend. They had heard that there were so many returned copies of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial for Atari 2600 that the publishers buried them in the desert. Err and Ignignokt were originally intended to be the ghosts of that video game burial.
  • Ignignokt's face is in the direct center of his body. This means that he is always staring directly at the camera, unless his body is at an angle.
    • Furthermore, Ignignokt is the character who is facing the camera directly the most, unlike other characters whose bodies and faces are looking approximately 45 degrees to the side more often than not.


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