Foreigner belt

Carl using the foreigner belt after unfreezing.

The "Foreigner Belt" is a belt that the Mooninites won by achieving many points in arcade games (cheating). Carl recognizes this belt as he was at the Foreigner tour where the belt was sold, and has some special memories attached to it. The belt gives the wearer "all the powers of 70's supergroup, Foreigner." In order to activate the belt, the wearer must name a Foreigner song. This caused many effects, including: freezing Carl solid (Cold as Ice), giving Frylock blurred vision (Double Vision), and Meatwad into a rebel (Dirty White Boy). Carl manages to take control of the belt after thawing himself out with his tanning bed, but did not have the instructions necessary to use it, and could therefore not reverse the spells put on the others. This doesn't stop him from using it, though, as he says he "don't need no instructions to know how to rock." He then uses the belt to give the Mooninites heatstroke (Hot Blooded), which, in turn, forced them to retreat to their spaceship and leave earth. However, the belt was stuck on the settings for the song Head Games, and turned Carl's head into a Connect Four grid.

Trivia Edit

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