The "Fargate"

The "Fargate" is a thinly disguised device like the Stargate, used by the Plutonians to steal cable from the Aqua Teens. Oglethorpe calls it a "Fargate" because it sounds "cool" to him, copying from a movie's syndicated series based on the movie. Every time, Emory would call it a Stargate and Oglethorpe would angerly correct him and will say it is a "Fargate". This device is allows the user to literally step into a seperate dimension once entered. The Plutonions take advantage its abilities and use it to rob others of their possessions. In Universal Remonster, Frylock finds the other side of the Fargate hidden in the crawlspace under the house and went to the Plutonians to disconnect the cable and let them know that the Universal Remonster is out of batteries. Afterwards, Frylock shoves his TV into the "Fargate", clogging the small entrance throught the Fargate.


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