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Cartoons ATHF-err
Voiced by Matt Maiellaro
First appearance Mayhem of the Mooninites
Last appearance The Greatest Story Ever Told
Episode count 21 (including Spacecataz and the film)
Species Mooninite
Gender Male
Quote "We smoke as we shoot the bird"

Err is one of the Mooninites and is Ignignokt's small, pink companion.


Err has an appearance similar to a character from a very early home video game system. He is extremely pixelated, to the point of being an unrecognizable object. Err is pink and blue, and he speaks with a very high pitched voice. He has a permanent scowl.


Like Ignignokt, Err is mischievous to the highest degree. Err's pranks don't just include crank calls and graffiti, but also mindless destruction and convincing others, usually Meatwad, to do bad things like shoplifting, swearing, and drug abuse. Err often does these bad things himself. He often steals things, and he has mentioned sending "illegal substances up the river."[1] Err is the more violent and sadistic of the two.

In Moonajuana, he did admit that his personality is the result of his terrible upbringing (his dad was an alcoholic and possibly abusive, and his mother abandoned him at a summer camp). He also goes on to explain that he merely acts out for attention. He also says he misses his dad, doesn't know where his mom went and believes nobody really wants him around and that's what makes him cry; he cried as he admitted this. Though afterwards as the series progress, he acts the same regardless.

Err almost always blindly follow Ignignokt's plans to mess with the Aqua Teens. However, in some instances he seems to be doing this against his better judgement. For example, Err said he was aware that the check that Ignignokt was trying to cash was actually a bill in "Remooned.


Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


It is obvious that Err is Ignignokt's sidekick, from time to time Err will repeat what Ignignokt says. He does sometimes disagrees with Ignignokt and even pranks him. Despite it, Ignignokt is Err's only real friend in the show. 


Like Ignignokt, Err and Frylock share a mutual distaste towards one another, due to their conflicted natures. Err was however impressed with Frylock's ability to shoot laser out of eyes, and he confided to him of his terrible upbringing.


Err particularly enjoys coercing Meatwad to do bad things more so than his partner (ex. smoking, drinking, stealing, etc), but like Ignignokt, he doesn't care much for him at all, evident when he left Meatwad to get arrested for stealing a rack of DVDs.

Master ShakeEdit

Out of all the Aqua Teens, Err seems rather neutral towards Shake since they share some things in common.


Err and Carl are rather enemies than anything because of them breaking into Carl's house stealing his possessions (i.e his pornography, swimming in his pool without permission, and the like). He is also vulgar towards him (like calling him "Fat Man").


1. Moon Master: Is trampled by Gorgatron

2. Moonajuana: Shot to dead by an actor

3. Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 Theme Song: Killed by flylock along with ignignokt

4. Jumpy George: Shot together with ignignokt by 2 kids

5. The Greatest Story Ever Told: Shot to death by the police along with Master Shake and several past characters


  • According to the DVD commentary for "Mayhem of the Mooninites," Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro drew inspiration for The Mooninites from an urban legend. They had heard that there were so many returned copies of "E.T. the Extra Terrestrial" for Atari 2600 that the publishers buried them in the desert. Err and Ignignokt were originally intended to be the ghosts of that video game burial.
  • If Err was intended to be a sprite from a fictitious video game, then his appearance is illogical. Err is composed of pixels of different sizes. This would be not be possible for Atari 2600 games.
  • In certain episodes, such as "The Granite Family," Err's voice sounds different than it normally does. Matt Maiellaro, the voice of Err, has stated that this is due to his cold.


See alsoEdit


  1. Revenge of the Mooninites

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