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Voiced by Mike Schatz
Episode count 9
Species Plutonian
Gender Male
Quote "One man's waste is another man's soap"

Emory (voiced by Mike Schatz) is one of the Plutonians. He is Oglethorpe's assistant.


Emory, like Oglethorpe, is a strangely-shaped creature with a high number of "pointy arms" but no fingers. He is green, taller and thinner than Oglethorpe.


Emory is very stupid, but possibly not as stupid as Oglethorpe, as Emory has tried to reason in certain situations that Oglethorpe has not. He seems to be more patient than his friend but has also been known to snap at people.


Emory can squirt foul-smelling "soap" from his spikes. He claims he uses it to clean the ship, but Frylock believes the substance is actually waste material. This concept of squirting soap has not been brought back since "Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto," and Aqua Teen Hunger Force barely has any continuity.



  • He is named after Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Although the show barely has any continuity, in the film, Master Shake and Frylock visit a university to find a younger Emory and Oglethorpe. During this appearance, it was revealed that Emory may have once been smart. It also appears that they first met at the University, and Oglethorpe forced Emory into being his friend.

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