"Dummy Love"
Season 5, Episode 8
Original air date March 9, 2008
Production code 508
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Directed by Jay Edwards
Lear Bunda
Parental Advisory TV-MA
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 5
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"Dummy Love" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the 76th episode overall.

Plot OverviewEdit

After Master Shake reads a bedtime story to Meatwad, a dummy is dropped off at the Aqua Teens' house and all it says is "Kill." Repeatedly. And it is unable to be destroyed or killed, returning after every attempt to destroy it. So Frylock decides to give it to Carl, but discovers Carl already has one of his own, virtually identical except being black and saying "Die" instead of "Kill". The two dummies immediately fall in love and begin a homosexual relationship on Frylock's bed. Frylock is disgusted, declares he isn't running a "damn dummy boarding house", and moves to throw them both out, but Shake stops him, saying he has an idea.

Shake creates a stage show with the two dummies, highlighting their inability to be killed or disposed of. Meatwad wishes on a star that they were real humans. The next morning, the dummies walk in and are real human teenagers. Shake is outraged, since it means the end of his money-making stage show, and ends up getting jailed for throwing an axe at them. The episode ends with a still-enraged Shake talking on the phone from jail to his two "sons", both of which are still incapable of saying anything other than "kill" and "die". However when Shake hangs up they say "He hung up." "Yeah he hung up." Implying that they are able to speak and they may have only kept saying "kill" and "die" just to simply annoy the others, or because "kill" and "die" are possibly their favourite words to say.

Featured Characters Edit

  • Homeless Guy (seen in the background of the jail)
  • Shake
  • Meatwad
  • Frylock
  • "Kill" Dummy
  • Ezekial (photo cameo)
  • Randal (newspaper cameo)
  • Ignignokt (newspaper cameo)
  • Oog (newspaper cameo)
  • Carl
  • "Die" Dummy
  • Audience of 4, including Vishal Roney and his wife, Rob from the movie (which was Steve in disguise), and another guy
  • Dummies as humans
  • Homeless Man


  • Randall, Oog, and Ignignokt are all seen in the newspaper Master Shake is reading at breakfast.
  • Jesus "Ezekial" Jesus from Ezekial can be seen in a picture of him and Shake playing tennis in the backround.
  • It has been claimed that the first dummy is a mixture of the famous "Chucky" doll and R.L. Stein's "Slappy" dummy.
  • The two dummies are likely based on the old Cartoon Planet Rudy & Gogo's World Famous Cartoon Show bumpers. The bumpers featured a two creepy orange-haired and african american dummies.
  • This episode seems to have a light TV-MA rating, as the creators suggested a TV-14 rating.
  • Shake wears clothing in this episode. He wears the same thing in Mail Order Bride.
  • The "die" dummy says another line during the stage show: "Why? Did it already make the papers?"

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