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Dr. Weird
Voiced by C. Martin Croker
First appearance Rabbot
Last appearance Allen Part 1 (Episode)

ATHF Colon Movie (Movie)

Episode count 42
Species Human
Family Frylock (creation)
Master Shake (creation)
Meatwad (creation)
Chicken Bittle (creation)
Rabbot (creation)
Mothmonsterman (creation)
Insanoflex (possible creation)
Lawnmower Child (son)
Many other grotesque and absurd creations
Gender Male
Job Scientist
Quote "Gentlemen, behold!"

Dr. Weird is one of the characters in the show. For the first two seasons of the show, he was the subject of its cold openings.

Basic InformationEdit

Dr. Weird is one of the characters in Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He is a mad scientist who resides in an abandoned insane asylum on the rainy South Jersey Shore. His laboratory is actually from an episode of Jonny Quest named "Escape From Questworld" and originally from the episode "Monsters in the Monastery"(1965). Weird wears clothing characteristic of old cartoons and wears a helmet over his head, which he calls his Hair Heater or "Hairarium." Dr. Weird appeared as cold openings in season 1 and 2, commonly opening each episode with his catch phrase "Gentlemen, behold!" to his assistant Steve (or sometimes to his Hispanic janitor, Javior) and nobody else. In season 1, he invented things that usually had something to do with the episodes. In season 2, however, these were dropped and were just random nonsense. Dr. Weird segments were also used at the end of the episodes "Dumber Days," and "The Clowning." In season 3, Dr. Weird was dropped completely from the show and hasn't made another appearance since (other than the film). However, in the episode "Little Brittle," Dr. Weird is being paged over the intercom at Tragic Castles.  Dr. Weird also appeared as the opening for Allen Part 1 eating in his favorite restaurant.

In Frylock's room, a portrait of Frylock and a younger Dr. Weird with brown hair can be seen in the background. In the film, it is explained that there may be a connection with these characters. According to Walter Melon, Dr. Weird and Frylock were supposed to kill each other so he could own their property. The film revealed that the Aqua Teens are creations of his. He says that the reason why he invented them was just so that they could crash into a brick wall.

He and Steve appeared as a cold opening in the first episode of Season 8. However, if one looks carefully, Dr. Weird can be seen in the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 intro just after Meatwad morphs into a machine gun and fires three times.


  • Even though in the film Dr. Weird said he was created by Frylock and that they were creations of Walter Melon, it was confirmed in 2010 during "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live" by series creator Dave Willis that Dr. Weird was indeed the creator of the Aqua Teens, making them brothers. Thus confirming that Weird's confession was just another one of his insane rants and that Walter Melon was simply one of his creations used for his insane and convoluted plot to mess with the Aqua Teens.[1]
  • In the cold open for the episode The Dressing, Dr. Weird kills Space Ghost and uses his head as a mask. This is humorous because Weird's voice actor C. Martin Croker potrayed Zorak on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and because Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis were writers on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.


  1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Q&A at Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live in 2010
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