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Death Fighter is the sequel to the film Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters and is based on the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The film was, to a certain extent, announced fall 2008. So far, there has yet to be an official plot summary, despite claims by some fans.


So far, [adult swim] has confirmed almost nothing about the film. There are interviews with Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, but the series creators have been known to mess with fans, as they once claimed Season 9 would feature most of the Aqua Teens being killed off and replaced.

On December 15th of 2008, an interview [1] with Dave Willis was released. Dave Willis stated that he hadn't written any kind of script with the film being released in Spring 2009. It is unknown if he was serious about this, as he also stated that Death Fighter was actually a T-shirt Matt and Dave were working on. In 2013, One ATHF collector acquired from an Adult Swim insider a t-shirt bearing a Death Fighter logo and "Coming 2011" release date. This may have been the t-shirt referenced, but it has to date not been sold by any retail outlet, appearing to be a staff exclusive.

In April 2009, IGN released an interview [2] with Dave Willis. Dave stated that Aqua Teen Hunger Force II: Death Fighter was being produced. However, Dave also stated that "no one believes [the creators], and currently no one is funding [the film]." It should also be noted that Patrick Kolan, who was giving the interview, at one point asked Dave if he could date Dave's sister, so this interview should not be taken too seriously.

In May 2011, [3] Dave stated that he would again change the name of the show, "then we will talk 'Death Fighter'. [sic]"

In June 2012, [4] Dave revealed that most of the script of this sequel was written and approved. He gave an insight as to why it has been taking them so long to finish the film. "The thing is that when we made the last movie we made like two episodes in two years ... I don’t know if the movie suffered, but I think the show suffered ... If we could figure out a way to do it and not cripple the show you know yeah[sic]. We like to script. It’s funny."

In July 2012, series co-creator Matt Maiellaro said of the film, "It is all written and great. We are just trying to convince the network do it again. The first one was such a cash cow for them, not just box office but also ad sales in the movie. So it is kind of a no-brainer. So hopefully one day." [5]

Dave Willis has recently claimed that the film will be released in mid 2015.[6]



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