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Carl Brutananadilewski is a main character of the series Aqua Teen Hunger Force; this is a list of all the times that he has died due to the lack of continuity.

Season 1Edit

In the first season of the show, Carl suffered a plethora of misfortune, but he rarely died.

Bus of the UndeadEdit

  • Carl is put in a cocoon by Mothmonsterman, who claims to have "laid about a thousand of his eggs in Carl's esophagus..." Carl presumably dies because Mothmonsterman's offspring would likely kill Carl once they hatch, assuming the Brownie Monsters didn't kill Carl first.


  • Carl got electrocuted by Meatwad as he was about to enter his pool. It's possible he died from the electrocution since he laid still on the same spot and didn't bow his head near the end.


  • After Carl discovers that his pool is not covered under mysterious explosions, Shake bursts into his house with a grappling hook and claims to be Batman. Carl loses it and jumps out the window. It can be assumed that he died there.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 was when the writers officially ditched continuity in favor of being able to do whatever they want with a story. Because of this, Carl's deaths became much more frequent.

Super Birthday SnakeEdit

  • Although it was technically a simulation, making the event even less canon than usual, Carl is killed by Frylock in this episode after he starts to question Frylock's new lifestyle.

Total Re-CarlEdit

  • Frylock's new toilet (which does not waste any water) sucks Carl into it, effectively destroying his body and leaving only his head. He is revived by Frylock later in the episode, but his body is never truly replaced.

The ShavingEdit

Kidney CarEdit

  • At the end of this episode, Shake's faulty logic causes Carl's head to explode, resulting in Carl's demise.

The ClowningEdit

  • After being infected with a strange disease that turns people into clowns, Carl is frozen by Frylock until a cure can be devised. Decades later, Carl's frozen body falls over and breaks into pieces.

The CloningEdit

  • Although Carl didn't really die in this episode, a television set shows Frylock killing Carl with a shotgun, leaving the real Carl horrified.

Season 3Edit

By this point in the series, Carl's constant dying had become a running gag.

Video OuijaEdit


  • Carl is injured by one of Ted Nugent's arrows. Carl tries to remove it, but his head is blown up because of this course of action. A rainbow then comes out of Carl's head.


  • Electrocuted and exploded along with Shake after Carl's legs followed Shake's into his pool.


  • Had his house burn down at the end


  • Injected with the parasitical "diet" and bursts open with a big parasite at the end

T-Shirt of the Living DeadEdit

  • Had his house crushed by the two Eggzillas


Season 4Edit

Grim Reaper Gutters Edit

  • Killed by Dan after he refused his offers to fix his gutters.

Antenna Edit

  • Died from massive blood loss from his nose.


Season 5Edit


  • Electrocuted by Master Shake's LED Light after it exploded
  • Front of his house exploded with said LED Light
  • Shot by the SWAT Team

Couples SkateEdit

  • Was squeezed to death

Season 6Edit

Gene E. Edit

  • Eaten alive by a pile of ants.

She Creature Edit

  • Died from the explosion by getting a blowjob from a mermaid along with Frylock and Meatwad.

2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of FiveEdit

  • Viciously killed when Drewbacca jumped through the open window to his room after mooning Drewbacca,causing him to transform 

Season 7Edit

Rubberman Edit

  • Possibly died from massive blood loss after Meatwad cut his arm off.

Monster Edit

  • Shake shows up at the hotel room as room service with Carl's decapitated head.

Season 8Edit

Allen Part TwoEdit

  • Carl becomes a fat blob in the future and is killed by Allen's lightning.


  • Carl continuously overconsumes alcohol throuhgout the entire epiosde.

Freedom Cobra Edit

  • Chainsawed by Shake.                                 

The CreditorEdit

  • Carl gets his skull and spine ripped out by The Creditor.


  • Carl is the test subject of the Vampire vaccine cooked up by Frylock. Unfortunately, the vaccine doesn't work, and Carl is mawled by vampires.


  • Carl tries to kill his mother by giving her a Wi-Tri , but winds up being killed himself by a drilled summoned by Zod.


  • Carl is forced to wear a shock collar while under house arrest after getting his tongue bitten off by a hooker. Carl is also tortured by Shake placing his famous Lasagna just outside of Carl's reach. Carl breaks every bone in his body, and is told by Lance to drink a strange milkshake which causes all of his bones to combine into "a hideous super bone." Carl then follows Shake's lasagna out the window and falls to his presumed death.

Season 9Edit

Big BroEdit

  • Buried alive when faking his death

Chicken and BeansEdit

  • Thrown up on during Meatwad's performance while shake records the whole thing

Totem Pole Edit

  • Possibly died along with Shake by getting attack by the skeletons.

Season 10Edit

Banana Planet Edit

  • Got burned alive by the rocketship, but it is unknown that he died or just injured.

Storage Zeebles Edit

  • Possibly died by getting attacked by the nightwolf.

Season 11 Edit

Knapsack! Edit

  • Killed by the missile explosion along with Jubilee, Knapsack, Gypsy the GPS, and the Aqua Teens.

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