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Buddy Nugget
ASYKW 118 Buddy Nugget
Season 9, Episode 8
Airdate August 12th, 2012
Production Number 907
Parental Advisory TV-MA
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 9
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"Buddy Nugget" is the 8th episode of Season 9 and 118th overall of Aqua Something You Know Whatever.


The episode starts off with Shake and Meatwad sitting in the chair. Frylock comes in, telling him that he has made a new invention called the Buddy Nugget that attracts like-minded individuals for the user to be friends with. Meatwad wants to test it, so Frylock zaps him, whereupon he opens the door to find his two old friends, Squirrelly the squirrel and Terrence the cat (both of whom were actually dead, Squirrelly via Meatwad's electrostatic charge in Balloonenstein and Terrence by being put in the microwave by Master Shake in Reedickyoulus, though Meatwad claims they actually had to move away to "find work").

Shake also wants to test it, so Frylock zaps him too, however, nobody comes to see him because he doesn't actually care about anybody but himself ("Hey, I like people!...Well, I like the things I get from them!") and therefore has no ability to make real friends. When asked by Meatwad why he hasn't used it on himself, Frylock stammers that he needs more time to test it. Frylock then goes to test the device on Carl.

When Carl tests it, another hairy, antagonistic South Jersey resident shows up in a similar car to 2 Wycked (named "Born 2 Burn") and sharing a similar love for sweatpants and New York sports teams and a disdain for hygene and non-New York sports teams. However, they almost immediately begin a loud, faux-macho shoving-match ("Screw you, you stupid Guinea! Make a move!") because Carl's new friend hates the New York Giants and says that the New York Jets are better, while Carl hates the Jets and thinks the Giants are better. After a minute another nearly-identical lowbrow South Jerseyite shows up in another similar car ("2 Wild" this time), asking if "You two fairies are having a gangbang over here", which prompts a torrent of counter-abuse from both Carl and the first guy, who stops fighting with Carl and threatens to kick the second guy's ass for "standing on my friend's lawn here".

All of the new friends quickly end up in a three-way shouting match, shoving and uttering empty threats to each other. Realizing the stupidity he's now created, Frylock slowly backs away. Shake asks if he's going to release a pre-release party, but Frylock says he hasn't copyrighted it yet. Shake goes behind Frylock's back and plans a pre-release party, which makes Frylock angry.

Shake gives him 2 drinking tickets and a VIP pass for the party in order to placate him. Frylock shows up to the party but quickly realizes the VIP on his pass stands for "Very Impotent Penis" and Shake has locked him out of the real pre-release party next door. Frylock wants to get revenge on Shake, but Shake hides inside the "REAL Pre-Release Party, featuring Flavor Flav!", so against his better judgment, he finally uses the Buddy Nugget on himself and summons his friend, a "weird scientist guy who's afraid of sunlight" named Dr. Balthazar.

Balthazar, who is a bald, alligator-like creature confined to a wheelchair, is rather violent and obsessed with finding and punishing the people who abused him in high school gym class. Frylock is clearly embarassed to be associated with him and hasn't spoken to him in months. Frylock gets Dr. Balthazar to use his "metal teeth" (which is evidently a more powerful teeth-based version of Frylock's "laser eyes") to blow open the walls of the club, which causes Shake to flee by helicopter to yet another pre-release party on a yacht in the harbor.

Frylock tries to get in, stating that he "invented the damn thing", but the guard refuses since there is only one person on the list (Shake). Carl and his two new friends show up together, having evidently resolved their differences for the time being, noting that the party is a "sausage fest". Frylock asks Dr. Balthazar if he can use his metal teeth to "change the guard's mind", to which Balthazar says yes, but explodes the guard's head instead, saying he "changed his mind to pudding".

Frylock, embarassed by his friend again, flees to the boat, telling Balthazar he'll email him, but Balthazar's wheelchair can't follow since he can't fit his wheelchair past the guard's dead body. Frylock enters the boat to confront Shake, only to see a Flavor Flav flee the event in a limo. Frylock's arrival and the departure of Flavor Flav evidently ruin the party for Shake, who leaves, slipping on the guard's bloody remains on the way down the gangplank and wondering "who left this pudding here".

At the end of the episode, Frylock, evidently unhappy with the one friend the device brought him, hands the Buddy Nugget over to Shake, who says he has secured the copyright to it anyway and that the Buddy Nugget is now his and that he is "winning". "Flavor Flav" shows up at the door and is revealed to be a fat white guy in blackface with a digital clock necklace.

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  • Shake "covers" his ears, which suggests the Buddy Nugget might be extremely loud.
  • The song that plays on the boat is a remixed version of Put Some Keys On That - Lil' Wayne.
  • This episode originally had the rating TV-14-LV

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