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Boost Mobile

A Boost Mobile phone.

Boost Mobile is a cellular service provider that appeared in Boost Mobile (episode). Master Shake agrees to advertise for Boost Mobile in exchange for money, but the deal turns dark when Josh, a representative for Boost Mobile, tells Shake that he will castrate him if he doesn't constantly advertise the service to everybody he meets.

When his first phone is destroyed by Frylock, two more show up at Shake's house. When those two are destroyed, dozens of Boost Mobile phones appear, and they violently attack Shake with their downloadable switch blades.

List of FeaturesEdit

  • Text messaging
  • Make and receive cellular calls
  • GPS enabled
  • Vibra-call alert
  • Downloadable ringtones
  • Boost wireless web for national roaming
  • Pay as you go
  • Facetime
  • Games
  • Molecular transporter
  • Downloadable switchblade

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