• RMaster007

    Not done yet.

    1. The Wedding of Lupin the Third - TV-PG - This episode got rated TV-PG-LSV, but it doesn't deserve any of those subratings.

    2. The Fake Fantasista - TV-PG-L - One use of "bollocks" is fine with a TV-PG-L IMO.

    3. O.2% Chance of Survival - TV-PG

    4. With a Gun in my Hand - TV-PG-V

    5. The Magician's Left Hand - TV-PG-V - A V for Tony's death.

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  • Brady108

    Not counting f-bombs or explicit nudity. Not done yet.

    1. The Party Crashers - TV-MA-S - An S for an extended scene of Marshall having anal sex with Wendy.

    2. Plexi Max Extravaganza - TV-14-DL - The glory hole scene isn't enough for an S and Ben Assfuck getting beaten up isn't a V.

    3. Dyke Hills Mall - TV-14-DLS - An S for for Pristina sucking on an ice cream in a sexual way. 

    4. Moviestar Marshall - TV-MA - Two mentions of "sucking cock" earns that rating.

    5. Slimshank Redemption - TV-MA - One mention of "sucking cock" earns that rating. 

    6. Ouija Board Blunders - TV-MA - Same reason above.

    7. Devirginization - TV-14-L

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Smokin', Drinkin', and Chillin' - TV-14-L - The word "shit" being said uncensored throughout doesn't earn a TV-MA-L. Also, the n-word doesn't get a TV-MA either.

    2. Fish and the Con Man - TV-14-L

    3. The Shit Heist - TV-14-DL - An L for "dick" being said to refer to genitalia three times.

    4. I Gave at the Playground - TV-14-L

    5. Fried Green Tomatoes - TV-14-L

    6. Love Thy Enemy, Part 1 - TV-14-L

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  • RMaster007

    1. Stingstress - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-DSV (Current rating) - Originally for Alice and The Mistress having sex, but it's not strong enough. And one use of "bollocks" doesn't get an L.

    2. Superfail! - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating) - Violence is more comical than intense, so it's fine with a TV-14. And the inmates looking at porn isn't enough for an S.

    3. Uh-Oh, It's Magic - TV-14-V

    4. Sticky Discharge - TV-14-V

    5. Special Needs - TV-14-V

    6. The Trouble With Triples - TV-14-V

    7. Nightshift - TV-14-V

    8. Oedipus Mess - TV-14-V

    9. Planet Radio - TV-14-V

    10. Burn Stoolie Burn - TV-14-V - One uncensored use of "goddamn" isn't an L.

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  • Papawduffman1965

    because Meatwad stole Shake's PDA.

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  • Papawduffman1965

    in Circus episode Master Shake just sold Meatwad to the Circus instead of Computer Camp.

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  • Papawduffman1965

    in Circus, Chicken & Beans, & The Last One Forever & Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It) episodes Master Shake called Meatwad by calling him buddy.

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  • RMaster007

    1. Episode One - TV-PG-D - One use of "piss" isn't an L.

    2. The Smoking Nun - TV-14 - Patient 88 getting stabbed in the neck is too mild for a V.

    3. The Predator - TV-14-D - A D for Randy's robot hand groping his and Patient 88's testicles like it was jacking them off. Also, Dr. Roberts biting Patient 88's thumb off isn't enough for a V.

    4. Tijuana Zebra - TV-14-L - An L for "shit" being said three times.

    5. You Down With OCD? - TV-PG-D - Two bleeped profanities isn't an L. Also, Randy laughing after Dr. Roberts said "cockpit" gets a D.

    6. The Leak - TV-14-L - An L for 88 and T.E.R.R.Y shouting multiple bleeped profanities in two scenes.

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  • RMaster007

    1. Best Friends Forever - TV-14-V

    2. Mayhem Donor - TV-14-V

    3. Lord Stingray Crash Party - TV-14-V

    4. Hotchick - TV-14-SV - An S for Jacknife masturbating.

    5. Gay Wedding - TV-14-DSV

    6. Ghosts - TV-14-V

    7. Jailbot 2.0 - TV-14-V - Alice's flashback isn't enough for an S.

    8. The Budding of the Warbuxx - TV-14 - There is barely any violence, which makes it ridiculous to rate it TV-MA-V, even though every episode has that rating.

    9. Superjail Grand Prix - TV-14-DV - A D for Paul talking about cutting off a guy's dick and shoving it in his neck.

    10. Vacation - TV-14-V - There is frequent blood and gore, but it's more comedic than intense.

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. The Bots and the Bees - TV-PG-DLS - One mention of masturabtion is fine with a TV-PG-D IMO. Also, one use of "goddamn" isn't a TV-14.

    2. A Farewell to Arms - TV-PG-D - One bleeped profanity doesn't get an L, and Fry and Leela's arms being torn off isn't enough for a V.

    3. Decision 3012 - TV-PG-D

    4. The Thief of Baghead - TV-PG-D

    5. Zapp Dingbat - TV-PG-DL

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  • Brady108

    Not done yet.

    1. Help Me - TV-14-DLV / TV-MA-L - Bleeped profanity isn't enough for an L but the word "dyke" earns it.

    2. They Took My Thumbs - TV-14-DV / TV-MA-L

    3. I'm Trapped - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA-L

    4. In a DVD Factory - TV-14-DV / TV-14-DLV

    5. Tell My Mom - TV-14-DV / TV-14-DLV

    6. P.S. Yes, In That Way - TV-MA / TV-MA-L - Just for the extended scene of Bigfoot masterbating.

    7. Love, Maurice - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DLSV (re-rating) / TV-MA-L - Originally for the Willy Wonka Glory Hole skit but it's not enough.

    8. Two Weeks Without Food - TV-14 / TV-14-L

    9. But Not in That Way - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DS (re-rating) / TV-14-DLS - The Giving Tree skit isn't enough for a TV-MA.

    10. I Love Her - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DLSV (re-rating) / TV-MA-L…

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  • RMaster007

    1. Rebirth - TV-PG-L (Original rating)/TV-PG-LS (Current rating) - An S for Hermes in the shower and putting his hand near his crotch.

    2. In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela - TV-PG-DS

    3. Attack of the Killer App - TV-14 - Just for the word "bastard" being said 6 times.

    4. Proposition Infinity - TV-PG-DS - An S for Bender and Amy lying in bed after having sex and also for Farnsworth's girlfriend lying naked in bed with a robot.

    5. The Duh-Vinci Code - TV-PG-DV - A V for Bender shooting the octopus offscreen.

    6. Lethal Inspection - TV-PG-DL - A D for Bender saying "Dying sucks butt."

    7. The Late Phillip J. Fry - TV-PG-DS - An S for Bender and the ladybot having sex offscreen.

    8. That Darn Katz! - TV-PG

    9. A Clockwork Origin - TV-PG-D

    10. The Prisoner of Benda - TV-…

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  • RMaster007

    1. Crimes of the Hot - TV-PG-D - A D for the scene with Bender trying to get beer out of a keg, but it turned out to be a robot, who says "Don't stop."

    2. Jurassic Bark - TV-PG - The name "Seymour Asses" isn't enough for a D.

    3. The Route of All Evil - TV-PG-D - A D for the Horrible Gelatinous Blob saying "You can shove your apology into the bottom of your one-way digestive system."

    4. A Taste of Freedom - TV-PG

    5. Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch - TV-PG-D

    6. Less Than Hero - TV-PG

    7. Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles - TV-PG-D - A D for porn being mentioned.

    8. The Why of Fry - TV-PG-DL - A D for Fry saying "I did do the nasty in the past-y."

    9. The Sting - TV-PG-DV - A V for Fry getting impailed by the bee's stinger, even though no blood is shown, it's…

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  • RMaster007

    If an episode has two ratings, then the one on the right is for the uncut version. On Hulu, this season is available uncensored, in addition to being in HD.

    1. Rainforest Shmainforest - TV-14-DLSV (Original rating)/TV-14-DLV (Re-rating)/TV-14-D (Current rating)/TV-MA-L

    2. Spontaneous Combustion - TV-14/TV-14-L

    3. The Succubus - TV-14-DL

    4. Jakovasaurs - TV-14-DL - "Goddamn" being said 5 times earns an L.

    5. Tweek vs. Craig - TV-14-DL (Original rating)/TV-14-LV (Re-rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating)/TV-14-LV - "Bitch" is said 6 times, so it doesn't get an L IMO. And a V for multiple flashbacks of Richard's wife dying in the plane crash with blood splattering on her face.

    6. Sexual Harassment Panda - TV-14-DLS - An L for "puss" being said once in a …

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  • RMaster007

    1. Charlie Gets Crippled - TV-14-L - The strip club scene isn't enough for an S.

    2. The Gang Goes Jihad - TV-14-L

    3. Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare - TV-14-L

    4. Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom - TV-14-L

    5. Hundred Dollar Baby - TV-14-L - There is physical violence throughout the episode, but it's not enough for a V.

    6. The Gang Gives Back - TV-14-L

    7. The Gang Exploits a Miracle - TV-14-L

    8. The Gang Runs for Office - TV-14-DL - A D for 7 mentions of ass-blasting as well as the "baby rapist" joke.

    9. Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass - TV-14-L - Woman flashing isn't enough for an S, and Liam stabbing Charlie in the back with a fork and a man shooting himself in the head offscreen isn't enough for a V.

    10. Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad - TV-14-L

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  • RMaster007

    1. The Gang Gets Racist - TV-14-L - There are frequent jokes about racism and homosexuality, but it's not enough for a TV-MA.

    2. Charlie Wants an Abortion - TV-14-L - One mention of a blowjob doesn't get a D.

    3. Underage Drinking: A National Concern - TV-14-L

    4. Charlie Has Cancer - TV-14 - "Shit" is only said twice, so it's fine without an L.

    5. Gun Fever - TV-14-L - One use of "cock" doesn't get a TV-MA. Also, it's used as an insult, so it doesn't get a D, and Charlie getting shot is too mild for a V.

    6. The Gang Finds a Dead Guy - TV-14-L

    7. Charlie Got Molested - TV-14-DL

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  • Brady108

    If there are two ratings (for example, TV-Y7 / TV-Y7-FV), the one on the right is the uncensored rating, if there is only one rating, then both versions get the same rating.

    1. Werewolf vs. Unicorn - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA-L

    2. Squaw Berry Shortcake - TV-14-DV / TV-MA-L

    3. Rabbits on a Roller Coaster - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA - A man crapping on the car isn't enough for a TV-MA.

    4. Tapping a Hero - TV-MA - Just for the 33 Year Old Virgin skit.

    5. Shoe - TV-14-DV / TV-MA-L - A robot humping a slot machine isn't enough for an S. Even though, the word "fuck" is said three times in this episode, but the line, "Get that cock out of your mouth, that's my job" earns an L.

    6. Endless Breadsticks - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DLSV (re-rating) / TV-MA-L - Originally …

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  • Brady108

    Not finished yet.

    1. The Rickshank Rickdemption - TV-14-DLV - I was going to remove a D, but a mention of "sucking dick" earns a D.

    2. Rickmancing the Stone - TV-14-DLV (original) / TV-14-LV (re-rating)

    3. Pickle Rick - TV-14-DLV - A D for Morty asking if he was going to touch an alien dick.

    4. Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender - TV-14-DLV - The word "shit" being said throughout isn't a TV-MA-L, and the violence I excpected to be like Superjail or Mr. Pickles since there's a V there but it's not enough, it's less violent than Rick Potion #9 and Look Who's Purging Now.

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  • RMaster007

    1. Roswell That Ends Well - TV-PG-S - An S for Fry and Mildred lying in bed after having sex. Also, Zoidberg's autopsy doesn't get a V.

    2. A Tale of Two Santas - TV-PG-L - An L for "bastard" being said once. Also, this episode was rated TV-PG-DV on Adult Swim, but there's barely any suggestive content and Farnsworth shooting Bender isn't enough for a V.

    3. Anthology of Interest II - TV-PG-DL - One use of "skank" earns an L.

    4. Love and Rocket - TV-PG

    5. Leela's Homeworld - TV-PG

    6. Where the Buggalo Roam - TV-PG-D

    7. A Pharaoh to Remember - TV-PG

    8. Godfellas - TV-PG

    9. Future Stock - TV-PG-LS - An S for Scruffy reading porn.

    10. A Leela of Her Own - TV-PG - People getting hit by blernsballs doesn't get a V.

    11. 30% Iron Chef - TV-PG

    12. Where No Fan…

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    Also, if there is two ratings, the one on the right is for the uncut version.

    1. Renovationklok - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L - A scene of a Klokateer giving a man head is only on the uncut version, but it doesn't get an S since it's brief and not explicit.

    2. Tributeklok - TV-14-DLS/TV-MA-L

    3. Dethhealth - TV-14-DLSV/TV-MA-L - Murderface accidentally ejaculating onto the doctor is never actually shown, but it still gets an S.

    4. Dethmas - TV-MA (Original rating)/TV-14-DLSV (Re-rating)/TV-MA-L - Originally for crude sexual humor, but it's not enough.

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  • RMaster007

    Note: This show is actually uncensored, which means every episode is rated TV-MA-L. But these ratings are for if it was censored, which means I'm not counting explicit profanity.

    1. The Bleedin' in Sweden - TV-14-LS - An S for Frank and Sue having sex.

    2. Saturday Bloody Saturday - TV-14-LV

    3. The Trough - TV-14-L

    4. F is for Halloween - TV-14-L

    5. Bill Murphy's Day Off - TV-14-DLS - A D for the "lick my pickle" song.

    6. O Holy Moly Night - TV-14-DLS - A D for the newscaster saying "I'll blow a horse."

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  • RMaster007

    1. The Dethecution - TV-MA-V (Original rating)/TV-MA (Re-rating) - Same reason as Brady.

    2. Dethlessons - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14-L (Re-rating) - The beginning isn't enough for a V.

    3. Dethvengence - TV-14-V - Magnus torturing a man in the cold open isn't enough for a TV-MA, and one mention of jacking off doesn't earn a D.

    4. Dethdoubles - TV-14-LV

    5. Dethfashion - TV-MA-V - Same reason as Brady.

    6. Cleanso - TV-14-DL

    7. Dethwedding - TV-14-DLSV

    8. P.R. Pickles - TV-14-V

    9. Dethcarraldo - TV-MA-V (Original rating)/TV-14-DLV (Re-rating) - Originally for the scene with multiple animals being gunned down, but it's not enough.

    10. Dethgov - TV-MA - Was going to rate it TV-14-V, but the cold open and riot scene combined earns a TV-MA.

    11. Dethra…

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  • RMaster007

    My ratings for Spawn

    July 25, 2017 by RMaster007

    Not yet finished. Also, this is for all three seasons.

    Note: If an episode has two ratings shown (TV-Y7/TV-Y7-FV), that means I gave it two separate ratings. The one on the left is the regular rating, and the one on the right excludes strong profanity such as the f-word and c-words.

    Season 1:

    1. Burning Visions - TV-MA/TV-14-LV - "Fuck" is said three times and "cocksucker" is said once, so it gets a plain TV-MA IMO.

    2. Evil Intent - TV-14-LV - Only one use of "fuck", so it doesn't earn a TV-MA.

    3. No Rest, No Peace - TV-MA - Just for the scene of Chapel having sex with a stripper.

    4. Dominoes - TV-MA-L/TV-14-LV - "Fuck" is said four times, so it gets an L in the uncut version.

    5. Souls in the Balance - TV-MA/TV-14-L - The Reverend getting shot in…

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  • Brady108

    Note: If there are two ratings (for example, TV-Y7 / TV-Y7-FV), the one on the right is the uncut version.

    1. Suck It - TV-MA - Just for the Unicorn sketch.

    2. Federated Resources - TV-14-DLV - George Bush's daughters dancing topless isn't enough for an S. Nudity is still blurred in the uncensored version.

    3. Easter Basket - TV-MA / TV-MA-L - The violence is very gory in this episode so it earns a TV-MA. 

    4. Celebrity Rocket - TV-14-SV - There isn't any bleeped language so no uncensored rating.

    5. Dragon Nuts - TV-14-D / TV-MA-L - Four uses of "fuck" earns an L.

    6. 1987 - TV-MA / TV-MA-L - Just for the tree skit, if it wasn't in this episode then I would rate it TV-14-DLS.

    7. Cracked China - TV-14-DS - An elderly from the Goldern Girls masterbati…

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. One Cabeza, Two Cabeza, Three Cabeza...DEAD! - TV-14-V

    2. The Birthday Party That Was Neither - TV-14 - One uncensored use of "shit" doesn't get an L, and Chip's thumbs getting cut as well as him getting decapitated is too mild for a V.

    3. Exes and Oh-No's! - TV-14 - Sexual references aren't enough, but the scene with the Navy President is enough for a TV-14 IMO.

    4. The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home - TV-14 - Two uses of "pussy" doesn't get an L.

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  • Brady108

    1. Junk in the Trunk - TV-14 - Just for the news reporter getting his head eaten off by a panda.

    2. Nutcracker Sweet - TV-14-S - An S for the robot humping another robot.

    3. Gold Dust Gasoline - TV-14

    4. Plastic Buffet - TV-14

    5. Toyz in the Hood - TV-14-DL - One uncensored use of "fuck" gets an L and a D for the "grab my wheelie" joke.

    6. Vegetable Funfest - TV-14

    7. A Piece of the Action - TV-MA - Just for the Debbie Dors Dallas sketch.

    8. The Deep End - TV-14-DSV - An S for the Horny Rhino scene.

    9. S&M Present - TV-14-SV - An S for the porn sketch.

    10. Badunkadunk - TV-14-S

    11. Toy Meets Girl - TV-14-DLSV (original) / TV-14-DSV (re-rating) - Originally for frequent bleeped language in the heaven sketch but it's just the word "shit" that was blee…

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  • RMaster007

    1. The Honking - TV-PG-DL - Bender getting run over by the Werecar isn't enough for a V, but a D for porn being mentioned and an L for "bastard" being said once.

    2. War Is the H-Word - TV-PG-DL

    3. The Cryonic Woman - TV-PG

    4. Parasites Lost - TV-PG-D

    5. Amazon Women in the Mood - TV-PG-DS - Sexual references aren't enough for a D, and an S for the Amazon women giving Fry and Zapp snu-snu offscreen.

    6. Bendless Love - TV-PG-DL

    7. The Day the Earth Stood Stupid - TV-PG

    8. That's Lobstertainment! - TV-PG-V - A V for the silent movie.

    9. The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz - TV-PG-D

    10. The Luck of the Fryish - TV-PG-D - A D for a horse jockey asking Amy "Ever do it in a suitcase?".

    11. The Cyber House Rules - TV-PG-D

    12. Insane in the Mainframe - TV-PG-V - A V fo…

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  • RMaster007

    1. He's Not the Messiah, He's a DJ - TV-14 - Satan having sex with a woman under bedsheets is too brief to get an S, and the senator flipping off doesn't get an L.

    2. Escapeoke - TV-PG-DLSV

    3. Dildo Factory - TV-14-D

    4. Temptasia - TV-PG-V - Sister Mary stabbing a man isn't enough for a TV-14.

    5. Terry the Teratoma - TV-PG-L - An L for one use of "bastard".

    6. Human Sacrifice - TV-14 - For jokes about crap.

    7. The Busboy - TV-14

    8. The Special Fathers vs. the Vampire Altar Boys - TV-14

    9. Dreamster - TV-14-V

    10. Satan's School for Girls - TV-14-D - A D for the "Pound my Tom Tom" song.

    11. Monster - TV-PG-DL

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  • Brady108

    Not done yet.

    1. Death of a Propane Salesman - TV-PG-D

    2. And They Called It Bobby Love - TV-PG

    3. Peggy's Headache - TV-PG-DS - An S for Boomhauer laying in bed naked with another woman.

    4. Pregnant Paws - TV-PG-DS - A D for some sexual references and an S for a dog humping Ladybird briefly.

    5. Next of Shin - TV-PG-D

    6. Peggy's Pageant Fever - TV-PG-DL - An L for one use of "bastard."

    7. Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men - TV-PG-DL

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Reembody - TV-14-V - There is bloody violence, but it's not enough for a TV-MA IMO.

    2. Night Cruise - TV-14-V

    3. Cash Eye - TV-14 (Original rating)/TV-PG-DL (Current rating)

    4. Natural Enemy - TV-PG-V - The violence isn't enough.

    5. Inductance - TV-PG-DV (Original rating)/TV-PG-V (Current rating) - Even though it's not that strong, Kuze getting shot should get a V IMO.

    6. Excavation - TV-PG

    7. 239 Pu/94 - TV-14

    8. Fake Food - TV-PG-L - Need to rewatch.

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Mouse in Me Kitchen - TV-PG - One bleeped-out swear doesn't get an L.

    2. Wendy's Hot Date - TV-PG - Jokes about Wendy being heat isn't enough for a D.

    3. Patio - TV-PG

    4. A Crap Day Out - TV-PG - One incomplete use of the word "bastard" doesn't get an L.

    5. Slim Bob - TV-PG-L - An L for one use of "bitch".

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  • RMaster007

    1. Holiday in Vince - TV-PG

    2. Adventures on Telly - TV-PG - Same rating for all three episodes.

    3. Bob's International Hiccup Centre - TV-PG

    4. Easter Island - TV-PG-L - One use of "bastard" gets an L.

    5. Too Many Dogs - TV-PG-L

    6. The Trials of Wendy - TV-PG

    7. Stinky's Search For a Star - TV-PG

    8. Under the Duvet - TV-PG-L

    9. Johnny Saveloy's Undoing - TV-PG

    10. The City Shrinkers - TV-PG

    11. Carbonara - TV-PG

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  • Brady108

    Not done yet.

    1. Yawn of the Dead - TV-14

    2. (John) Thomas Jefferson - TV-14-D

    3. Death - TV-14-L - An L for one use of "fag."

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  • RMaster007

    All ratings are for the unedited version.

    1. Section 9 - TV-14 - A man getting shot in the foot is shown briefly, so it doesn't need a V. And one use of "shit" doesn't get an L.

    2. Testation - TV-PG-L

    3. Android and I - TV-14 (Original rating)/TV-PG (Current rating) - Originally for androids commiting suicide, but it's not enough.

    4. Interceptor - TV-PG - One use of "piss" doesn't get an L.

    5. Decoy - TV-14-S - One use of "bullshit" doesn't earn an L, but an S for the footage of a woman having sex.

    6. Meme - TV-14 - A man getting shot in the head offscreen isn't enough for a V, since there's little blood shown.

    7. Idolator - TV-14-V (Original rating)/TV-14 (Current rating)

    8. Missing Hearts - TV-14 - Just for "shit" being said once, everything els…

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  • Brady108

    1. Numb - TV-MA - For strong sexual content throughout.

    2. Grounded - TV-14-V - A V for Orel bathing in blood.

    3. Innocence - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-V (re-rating) - Originally for the "I Hate You, Jesus" song being briefly played but it's not enough.

    4. Alone - TV-14

    5. Trigger - TV-PG

    6. Dumb - TV-PG-V - A V for Joe beating up the elderly.

    7. Help - TV-PG-L - Bloberta punching Clay isn't a V, and an L for the word "whore" being said.

    8. Passing - TV-14 - This is probably the most depressing episode in the series along with Love, but I find it rediculous to give it a TV-MA for a depressing plot.

    9. Closeface - TV-14

    10. Sundays - TV-14-S - An S for the ending.

    11. Sacrifice - TV-14-D

    12. Nesting - TV-14

    13. Honor - TV-PG-D - A D for Clay saying, "Th…

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  • Brady108

    1. Go Fund Yourself - TV-MA - Just for the drawing in Cartman's second speech.

    2. Gluten Free Ebola - TV-MA - Just for "cock" being said once.

    3. The Cissy - TV-14-DL - A D for Cartman saying "Suck my clit and balls."

    4. Handicar - TV-14-DLS

    5. The Magic Bush - TV-MA - For sexual content throughout.

    6. Freemium Isn't Free - TV-14-DL

    7. Grounded Vindaloop - TV-14-L

    8. Cock Magic - TV-MA-L

    9. #REHASH - TV-MA

    10. #HappyHolograms - TV-14-DLV

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  • Justinbieberjustinbieber

    hi i'm Justin Bieber and i'm a singer.

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  • RMaster007

    1. Ring of Fire - TV-14-V - A V for Assy shooting the deli worker. Even though it only showed blood splattering onto Assy and Sanchez, it's still enough IMO.

    2. Pegfinger - TV-14-LSV - An S for Assy having sex with a prostitute.

    3. Pharmassy - TV-14-V

    4. Mile High Mayhem - TV-PG-DLSV - This episode is very moderate. And I gave it an S for Assy humping a stewardess.

    5. Murder on the Midway - TV-14 - Two uses of "pussy" doesn't get an L.

    6. Bikes for Bombs - TV-14

    7. Vowel Play - TV-14-SV

    8. Irish Wake - TV-14-V

    9. Hands Up - TV-14-SV

    10. The Ballad of Blind Anthony - TV-MA - Only episode I rate TV-MA for bloody violence.

    11. Showdown in Magic City - TV-14

    12. Johnny Arson - TV-14-V

    13. The Assy Diaries - TV-14-SV

    14. Squirrels - TV-14-V

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    1. A Flight to Remember - TV-PG

    2. Mars University - TV-PG - One mention of neutering doesn't get a D.

    3. When Aliens Attack - TV-PG-D

    4. Fry and the Slurm Factory - TV-PG - Profanity isn't enough for an L, and the All My Circuits scene in the cold open isn't enough for an S.

    5. I Second That Emotion - TV-PG-DL - Porn being mentioned gets a D, and an L for one use of "bastard".

    6. Brannigan, Begin Again - TV-PG-D - Sex is mentioned, which gets an automatic D IMO.

    7. A Head in the Polls - TV-PG-DL

    8. Xmas Story - TV-PG

    9. Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? - TV-PG-DLV - The decapodians mating offscreen isn't enough for an S. Also, a V for Zoidberg cutting Fry's arm off and an L for "bastard" being used twice.

    10. The Lesser of Two Evils - TV-PG-DLS …

    Read more >
  • Brady108

    1. Shovels Are for Digging - TV-MA-S (original) / TV-MA (re-rating) - Originally for the rat having sex with another rat for an extended time but it's not enough.

    2. Crossing the Line - TV-14-DLSV

    3. Game Over - TV-MA - The artifical vagina skits earns that rating and also for the Jeff & Some Aliens skit.

    4. The Green - TV-MA 

    5. Ahhh, Serenity - TV-MA-S - An S for the Nightmare on Elm's Street Parody.

    6. Candy Van Finger Bang - TV-14-DLSV - Yeah, there is bloody violence throughout the episode but it's too moderate.

    7. Roy's and Ben's Day Off - TV-MA

    8. XXX Overload - TV-14-DLSV

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    1. Heart of Archness: Part I - TV-14-DLV

    2. Heart of Archness: Part II - TV-14-DLV - One use of "cock" is fine with this rating.

    3. Heart of Archness: Part III - TV-14-DLV - The term "eat a dick" doesn't earn a TV-MA IMO.

    4. The Man From Jupiter - TV-14-DL - One masturbation reference at the end doesn't get a D, but I still gave it that for Pam saying "You could drown a toddler in my panties right now". And Archer hitting Cyril on the nose with the butt of a gun is too mild for a V.

    5. El Contador - TV-14-DL - The tiger getting shot isn't enough for a V.

    6. The Limited - TV-14-L - Archer's gunshot wound doesn't get a V.

    7. Drift Problem - TV-14-L

    8. Lo Scandalo - TV-14-LV (Original rating)/TV-14-L (Re-rating)

    9. Bloody Ferlin - TV-14-L

    10. Crossing…

    Read more >
  • Dretycat

    Sweet C

    July 9, 2017 by Dretycat

    This is the only time Master Shake was ever grounded. Ironically enough, a drunken Shake asks if he's grounded in IAMAPOD. This and Chicken and Beans (episode) are the only episodes where one of the Aqua Teens were grounded (This having happened to Meatwad in the latter, and both groundings were done by Frylock).

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  • Brady108

    1. Spanish Translation - TV-PG

    2. Gilligan - TV-Y7

    3. Elevator - TV-PG - Same reason as RMaster.

    4. CHiPs - TV-Y7

    5. Bobcat - TV-Y7

    6. Banjo - TV-Y7

    7. Punch - TV-Y7

    8. Batmantis - TV-Y7

    9. Self Help - TV-PG

    10. The Mask - TV-Y7

    11. Gum, Disease - TV-PG

    12. A Space Ghost Christmas - TV-G

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    1. Pilot - TV-14 - Only two uses of "shit", so no L needed.

    2. Origins - TV-14 - "Shit" is only said uncensored once.

    3. Eros - TV-14 - (SPOILERS) Eros exploding is brief, so it doesn't earn a V.

    4. Lunacy - TV-14 - One use of "goddamn" doesn't get an L.

    5. Dinner Party - TV-14

    6. Demon - TV-14

    7. Bellenus Blade - TV-14-L - Two uses of "bollocks" doesn't get an L, but "shit" being said uncensored three times earns an L.

    Read more >
  • Brady108

    1. God's Image - TV-MA (original) / TV-14 (re-rating) - Originally for racist content but it's too moderate.

    2. Love - TV-14 - The plot is too depressing for a TV-PG IMO.

    3. Satan - TV-MA - For offensive jokes about homosexuality and the satanic party scene earns that rating also.

    4. Elemental Orel - TV-PG-DV - Bloberta breastfeeding isn't an S.

    5. Offensiveness - TV-14-D - A D for the ending, it's more suggestive than sexual IMO.

    6. God's Blunders - TV-14

    7. Pleasure - TV-MA - for strong sexual content.

    8. The Lord's Prayer - TV-14-S - An S for Orel walking by people having sex in the car.

    9. Holy Visage - TV-14

    10. Be Fruitful and Multiply - TV-14-D - A D for frequent sexual references.

    11. Praying - TV-PG-DL - An L for Clay saying "Son of a..." a…

    Read more >
  • Brady108

    1. The Lord's Greatest Gift - TV-14-V - A V for people getting eaten by zombies.

    2. God's Chef - TV-MA - For strong sexual content.

    3. Charity - TV-14

    4. Waste - TV-14

    5. The Blessed Union - need to rewatch

    6. Omnipresence - TV-PG-V (original) / TV-PG (re-rating) - Originally for a man jumping off a bridge and hitting his head but it's not enough.

    7. God Fearing - TV-14

    8. Loyalty - TV-14

    9. Maturity - TV-14

    10. The Best Christmas Ever - TV-PG

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    Spacecataz - TV-PG-DLV

    Boo Boo Runs Wild - TV-PG (Original rating)/TV-Y7 (Current rating)

    Korgoth of Barbaria - TV-14-DSV - Need to rewatch.

    Let's Fish - TV-14-S - An S for Hitler having sex with an old woman.

    Icelandric Ultrablue - TV-14-S (Original rating)/TV-MA (Current rating)

    Freaknik: The Musical - TV-14-DL/TV-MA-L (Uncut)

    The Pound Hole - TV-14 - The strippers dancing isn't enough for an S, but it's quite enough for the rating IMO.

    M.O.P.Z. - TV-14-SV (Original rating)/TV-14-V (Current rating)

    The Venture Bros: A Very Venture Christmas - TV-14-DL (Original rating)/TV-14-D (Re-rating)/TV-14-DS (Current rating) - An S for Krampus humping Dr. Venture.

    The Venture Bros: From the Ladle to the Grave: The Shallow Gravy Story - TV-14-L (Original rat…

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. The Note - TV-PG - Some suggestive dialouge, but it's not enough to get a D.

    2. The Truth - TV-PG

    3. The Dog - TV-PG

    4. The Library - TV-PG

    5. The Pen - TV-PG-L - The term "son of a bitch" earns an L, but if it was just said as "son of a...", then it doesn't get an L.

    6. The Parking Garage - TV-PG

    7. The Café - TV-PG

    8. The Tape - TV-PG-D

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Resonance of a Soul - Will Soul Eater Become a Death Scythe? - TV-14-DSV (Original rating)/TV-14 (Re-rating) - This is the only episode to get a TV-14-DLSV, but it's pretty mild. However, I still rate it TV-14 for suggestive content.

    2. I Am the Star! The Big Man is Showing Up Here? - TV-PG-LV - Violence is pretty tame for a TV-14. Two uses of "bastard" earns an L, and Tsubaki bathing doesn't get an S.

    3. The Perfect Boy - Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission? - TV-14 - For violence.

    4. Engage the Witch Hunter! A Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard? - TV-PG-LV - The cold opening scene with Soul and Blair and Blair bathing doesn't get an S.

    5. Shape of the Soul - Enter the Ultimate Meister Stein? - TV-14

    6. The New Student - Kid'…

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    1. The Ex-Girlfriend - TV-PG - Two uses of the term "son of a..." doesn't get an L, since the actual word is never said.

    2. The Pony Remark - TV-PG

    3. The Busboy - TV-PG

    4. The Baby Shower - TV-PG-D - A D for Kramer mentioning nudity when talking to Jerry about pirating cable, which could be a reference to porn. Also, Jerry's dream sequence doesn't get a V.

    5. The Jacket - TV-PG-L - One use of "bastard" earns an L.

    6. The Chinese Restaurant - TV-PG

    7. The Phone Message - TV-PG-D (Original rating)/TV-PG (Re-rating) - George saying "Coffee is sex" doesn't earn a D, since it's not meant to be suggestive.

    8. The Apartment - TV-PG

    9. The Stranded - TV-PG

    10. The Statue - TV-PG-D

    11. The Heart Attack - TV-PG-D - One use of "ass" doesn't get an L, and the …

    Read more >

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