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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished. I will continue to do ratings for this show, and I will finish the 2nd Season as well.

    1. The Female Wolf Demon and the Lunar Rainbow Promise - TV-PG-V

    2. Koga's Bride to Be - TV-PG-LV - "Damn" is said 7 times in this episode, so it gets an L.

    3. The Evil Within Demon's Head Castle - TV-PG-V

    4. Secret of the Possessed Princess - TV-PG-V

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Straight Outta Hades - TV-14-DSV - A spider jacking off doesn't get a TV-MA.

    2. Circle Jerk MCMXCVIII - TV-14

    3. Three Demons and a Demon Baby - Unseen

    4. Healy - TV-MA - Frequent use of "shit" doesn't get an L, and someone jacking off doesn't get an S because it's not shown clearly.

    5. The Tree-Hugger Bomber - Needs rewatch

    6. Torture - TV-14-DLSV

    7. Eddie the Demon - TV-14-LV

    8. Golden Fiddle Week - TV-14-DL

    9. Lee - Unseen

    10. Hammerman - TV-14-DLV - This episode got a TV-MA-V rating for the scene where the hammer robot kills two people with blood splattering, but it's too moderate to get that rating IMO. And the sexual references aren't enough to get a TV-MA.

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  • RMaster007

    1. Hetero-Cephalo Agenda - TV-MA (Original rating), TV-14-DLSV (Re-rating) - Originally rated TV-MA for homosexuality jokes and the ending with Early getting mauled by a bear.

    2. Limbitless - TV-14-LV

    3. Taint Misbehavin' - TV-14-DLSV - Too moderate for a TV-MA. The strippers get an S.

    4. Ink is Thicker than Blood, Which is Thicker than Water - TV-14-DL

    5. Bunker Down, You Hairy Dawg! - TV-14-DLS - Early shooting snakes isn't enough to get a V, and an S for the ending.

    6. A Walk to Dignity - TV-14-DLV

    7. Granny Hotfoot - Needs rewatch

    8. Sheriff-in-Law - TV-14-DLS

    9. Hybrid to Hell - TV-14-DLV

    10. Jose Can You? Si! - TV-14-DLSV

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  • RMaster007

    1. Lerm - TV-14-LV

    2. The Liar, the Bitch, and the Bored Rube - TV-14-DLV

    3. The Fine Ol' Solution - TV-14-DLV

    4. Anabolic-Holic - TV-MA (Original rating), TV-14-LV (Re-rating) - Steroid use isn't a TV-MA.

    5. Confessions of a Gangrenous Mind - TV-14-DLV

    6. The Big Gay Throwdown - TV-MA - Homosexuality jokes throughout earns the rating. Early's dream about prison rape is okay for a TV-14-S.

    7. Atone Deaf - TV-14-SV

    8. God's Bro - TV-MA - For strong sexual humor.

    9. Reunited, and it Feels No Good - TV-14-DL - I have no interest in rewatching this episode, so I'm just guessing.

    10. Not Without my Cash Cow! - TV-14-DLS - See above.

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Good Luck, Father Ted - TV-14-L - Only for Father Jack saying "feck" various times. The word "feck" is an alternative to "fuck", but it's only used in ways like "fucking" as an adjective and "fuck off", so it's okay with a TV-14-L.

    2. Entertaining Father Stone - TV-14 - One use of "feck" is okay without an L. And Father Jack throwing Father Ted through a window and Father Stone being struck by lightning is too mild for a V.

    3. The Passion of St. Tibulus - TV-14-L

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished, this will be the only ratings blog post for this show.

    1. Cartman Gets an Anal Probe - TV-14-DLSV (Original rating) TV-14-DLV (Current rating)

    2. Weight Gain 4000 - TV-14-DLS - Kenny getting impailed on a flagpole is okay without a V.

    3. Volcano - TV-14-DLV

    4. Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride - TV-14-DLS - I normally give constant jokes about homosexuality a TV-MA, but they're moderate here, so no TV-MA.

    5. An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig - TV-14-DLSV - Even though violence is mild, it still gets a V for Shelly beating up Stan.

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  • Brady108

    Not finished yet. Also, note that if you watch it on KissCartoon, it's a DVD version, which is uncensored. It's not only uncensored, they have extended and alternate scenes that aren't allowed on TV, just like Family Guy.

    1. Hot Tub - TV-MA (TV Version) / TV-MA-L (DVD Version) - Four uses of fuck gets an L.

    2. Clara's Dirty Secret - TV-MA - Even though there is full frontal nudity in the uncensored version and they have sex isn't enough for an S since it only show a man's back and a woman's face.

    3. Gay Bash - TV-MA (TV version) / TV-MA-L (DVD Version) - An L for the word "cocksucker".

    4. Requim for a Reality Show - TV-14-DSV (TV Version) / TV-14-DLSV (DVD Version) - Just one F-bomb should be ok with a TV-14 rating.

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  • Brady108

    Season 2. I forgot too add it. Not finished yet.

    1. Vibracaust - TV-MA

    2. Xavier's Maneuver - TV-14-DSV - Violence isn't enough for a TV-MA.

    3. El Tornadador - TV-MA - Violence is too moderate for a TV-MA, but sexual content earns that rating.

    4. Haunted Tonk - TV-MA

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  • Brady108

    Pretty much like what RMaster did on Squidbillies, I'm going to rerate some  some of the episodes I rated originally long time ago. Not finished yet.

    1. Boston - TV-14-DLV (kept rating) - I'm not counting F-Bombs.

    2. Robots Everywhere - TV-14-DLSV (original rating), TV-14-LSV (2nd rating), TV-14 (Latest rating) - I added a D for Carl telling an aisan to undress in a certain area but it's too tame for that, I added an S for the Robot bumping into another Robot which it looked like they're having sex, there isn't a lot of cussing in this episode, it's pretty much at a TV-PG level. And the only violent parts are the aisan couple getting melted and Carl shooting a hobo which both are too mild.

    3. Sirens - TV-MA (kept rating) 

    4. Couple Skate - TV-…

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  • RMaster007

    Most of these need a rewatch.

    1. Perfect Hair Forever - TV-14-L

    2. TiVo your eBay - TV-14-L

    3. Cat Snatch Fever - TV-14-D

    4. Happy Suck Day - TV-14-V

    5. Tusk - TV-14-L

    6. Woke Up Drunk - TV-14-DV

    7. Return to Balding Victory - TV-14-DLV

    8. Muscular Distraction - TV-14-DL

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  • RMaster007

    1. Mermaid - TV-MA - There is bloody violence, but it's all pretty moderate, so it's okay for a plain TV-MA. And bugs having sex at the end also earns the rating.

    2. Beer Googles - TV-14-DSV - This episode is too moderate for a TV-MA.

    3. Whale Show - TV-MA-V

    4. God of Monkeys - TV-MA - Not violent enough to get a V, but it's still a TV-MA because it parodies religion.

    5. Organs - TV-MA

    6. Old Girlfriend - TV-14-SV

    7. Tunnel Girls - TV-MA - Violence is too moderate to get a V, but I still rated it a TV-MA for a group of girls having group sex on top of Drinky while he's trying to sleep.

    8. Elephant Man - TV-MA - The ending scene showing the Elephant Man's bloody remains after Drinky and Gabby did drunken surgery on him is shown briefly, so it does…

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  • Brady108

    Not finished yet.

    1. Tragedy - TV-14-V

    2. Incubation - TV-MA -  Bloody violence isn't enough for a TV-MA, but it's too intense for a TV-14 IMO.

    3. Dove - TV-14-V 

    4. Supper - TV-14-V - One use of shit is ok without an L.

    5. Scars - TV-MA - For frequent bloody violence.

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  • RMaster007

    This is a remake of the original blog post.

    Season 1:

    1. This Show is Called Squidbillies - TV-14-SV

    2. Take this Job and Love It - TV-14-LV - Strip club scenes don't get an S.

    3. School Days, Fool Days - TV-14-DLV

    4. Chalky Trouble - TV-14-DL - Early cutting off one of Rusty's tentacles is too mild to get a V.

    5. Family Trouble - TV-14-DLV - The Sheriff accidentally shooting a doctor gets a V.

    6. Office Politics Trouble - TV-14

    Season 2:

    1. Government Brain Voodoo Trouble - TV-14-DLS - Too moderate to get a TV-MA.

    2. Butt Trouble - TV-14-DLV

    3. Double Truckin' the Tricky Two - TV-14-DLV

    4. Swayze Crazy - TV-14-DLV

    5. Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble - TV-14-DLS - Early's donkey erection hat doesn't get an S, but Krystal having a threesome offscreen gets the…

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  • RMaster007

    1. Space Pilot 3000 - TV-PG - Not enough profanity for an L.

    2. The Series has Landed - TV-PG-D - Hookers being mentioned gets a D.

    3. I, Roomate - TV-PG

    4. Love's Labours Lost in Space - TV-PG-DS

    5. Fear of a Bot Planet - TV-PG-D - Bender looking at robot pornography isn't an S because it's not very sexual.

    6. A Fishful of Dollars - TV-PG-DL - Like for InuYasha, the word "bastard" is an L. Mother mentioning "teenage sluts" doesn't get a D, but "Baby Got Back" playing on the radio gets it.

    7. My Three Suns - TV-PG-D

    8. A Big Piece of Garbage - TV-PG

    9. Hell is Other Robots - TV-14 - Only for drug and religious references.

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  • Brady108

    Not finished yet.

    1. Welcome to Hell - TV-14-L - Satan peeing on Garys face doesn't earn a TV-MA.

    2. Bone Garden - TV-14-DLSV - An S for Satan having sex with Gary's ex girlfriend.

    3. Take Life by the Horns - TV-14-DLS - Gary breaking his leg and attempting to shoot Alex is too mild for a V.

    4. Schmicker83! - TV-14

    5. Devil in the Detail - TV-14-DLV

    6. People in Hell Want Ice Water - TV-14-DSV - A scene of a spider "jacking off" is very brief so it should be ok with a TV-14 rating.

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  • Brady108

    Not finished yet. This was supposed to be the final season but they later returned in 2011 which i'm going to due next.

    1. Butt, Butt, Hike - TV-PG-D - Buttheads nose bleeding doesn't earn a V.

    2. Vaya Con Cornholio - TV-PG-DL

    3. Evolution Sucks - TV-14-DS - Originally rated TV-MA for the Dinosaurs having sex on-screen but it's very brief and not really explicit. 

    4. Ding Dong Ditch - TV-PG-L - Butthead mentioning a guy taking a dump isn't enough for a D.

    5. Just for Girls - TV-PG-DS - Originally rated TV-14 for sexual references. Sexual references are too moderate, even though Beavis and Butthead does make some crude comments, it's not enough.

    6. A Very Special Episode - TV-PG-D - A D for Beavis and Butthead staring at a nurses cleavege.

    7. Dumb…

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Miracle Lake - TV-14-DLSV

    2. The Comeback - TV-MA-S - I agree with it getting an S for sex scenes, but uncensored uses of "shit" doesn't get an L.

    3. Woody's Girl - TV-MA - Only for Woody having sex with Astro behind the fridge. Everything else is moderate.

    4. Trailer Park - TV-14-DLSV

    5. Crippleberry - TV-14-DLSV

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  • Brady108

    Not finished yet.

    1. Rusty and Tammi Sitting in the Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D - TV-14-D - A D for Rusty saying "Fuck it in the Butt".

    2. Beware the Butt-Cutter - TV-14-DLV

    3. Squidbilly Manfishing - TV-14

    4. Green and Sober - TV-MA - Just for multiple scenes of Lil blowing men, everything else is moderate.

    5. The Legend of Kid Squid - TV-PG-LV - The word "bitch" is said 3 times should be ok with that rating. 

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished. Also, I won't watch any more new episodes until I'm finished with rating this season.

    1. Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap - TV-PG-DLV - Too moderate to get a TV-14 IMO. 3-4 uses of "damn" are okay without an L, but 5 or more uses gets an L. And a D for Miroku groping Sango's ass.

    2. Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life - TV-14 - Not violent enough to get a V.

    3. Tetsusaiga Is Stolen! Showdown At Naraku's Castle! - TV-14 - See above.

    4. Jinenji, Kind yet Sad - TV-PG-V

    5. Kikyo and InuYasha, Into the Miasma - TV-PG-V

    6. Kikyo, Captured by Naraku - TV-PG-V

    7. Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga - TV-PG-LV (Original rating) TV-PG-V (Current rating) - I originally gave it an L for InuYasha saying "I don't give a rat's ass about how famous you a…

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  • Brady108

    Not finished yet.

    1. Bunny Love - TV-14-DLSV - I added an S here for the shower scene, such as prisoner's rubbing another prisoner's ass.

    2. Superbar - TV-14-DSV - I was going to rate it TV-MA for the prisoners playing naked twister but it's too moderate.

    3. Combaticus - TV-MA-V

    4. Ladies Night - TV-MA - Same reason as RMaster.

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  • RMaster007

    The subbed version will be rated later, because I read on IMDB that there is stronger profanity. I read a bit of the manga, and while there is less profanity, it's still bloody.

    1. Tragedy - TV-MA (Original) TV-14-V (Current rating) - I originally rated it TV-MA for some intense scenes, but it's kinda moderate, so it's okay with a TV-14.

    2. Incubation - TV-14-V - Kaneki attacking Nishiki is pretty bloody, but not enough to get a TV-MA. And the post-credits scene with the others joking about Nishiki eating feces isn't a D, because it's not very sexual or suggestive.

    3. Dove - TV-14-V - This episode is pretty tame, but it's still a V for some blood spray.

    4. Supper - TV-14-V - One use of "shit" is okay without an L.

    5. Scars - TV-14-V - See above…

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  • RMaster007

    I said on my Season 2 ratings blog that up to 4 uses of "hell" and "damn" are okay without an L, but 5 or more gets a TV-PG-L. Some of these need a rewatch.

    1. The Stone Flower and Shippo's First Love - TV-PG - Violence is very mild, so a V is not needed.

    2. Temptress in the Mist - TV-PG-DV

    3. Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part 1 - TV-PG - There's barely any violence, so no V.

    4. Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part 2 - TV-PG-V

    5. The Beautiful Sister Apprentices - TV-PG-V

    6. The 50 Year-Old Curse of the Dark Priestess - TV-PG-V

    7. Kikyo and the Dark Priestess - TV-PG-V

    8. Tsubaki's Unrelenting Evil Spell - TV-PG-V

    9. The Red and White Priestesses - TV-PG-D - Violence is too mild to get a V.

    10. Great Ogre of the Forbidden Tower - TV-PG-V

    11. Farewell, Days …

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  • RMaster007

    1. Braklet, Prince of Spaceland - TV-PG-DV - A V for Brak and Zorak being decapitated at the end.

    2. Coma - TV-PG-D

    3. Shadows of Heat - TV-PG

    4. Splat - TV-14 - I rated it a TV-14 for Clarence being brutally killed offscreen, everything else is moderate.

    5. Enter the Hump - TV-PG

    6. Sexy New Brak Show Go - TV-PG-DV

    7. All That I Desire You - TV-PG-DV

    8. Cardburkey - TV-PG-DV - There's not really anything sexual, so no S. I gave it a V for Clarence exploding at the end of the episode.

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  • RMaster007

    1. Poppy - TV-PG-D

    2. Bully - TV-PG

    3. Mother, Did you Move my Chair? - TV-PG

    4. President Dad - TV-PG

    5. Pepper - TV-PG-D

    6. The New Brak - TV-PG-D - Only for Brak saying "Wanna make love, darling?"

    7. Feud - TV-PG-DL

    8. Runaway - TV-PG

    9. Brak Street - TV-PG

    10. Dinner Party - TV-PG-D

    11. We Ski in Peace - TV-PG-V

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  • Brady108

    Not finished yet.

    1. Splitsville - TV-14-DLS

    2. Tourist Season - TV-14-LV - Period jokes aren't enough for a D, but a V for a fat lady getting eaten by a dolphin.

    3. Red Dawn - TV-PG-DLSV

    4. Meet Beck Bristow - TV-14-D

    5. I, Robot, Really - TV-14-D - Jodene's brain falling off is ok doesn't earn a V.

    6. Frozen Dinner - TV-PG-DL

    7. Tornado Shanks - TV-PG-DLV - The word "asshole" being said uncensored should be fine with a TV-PG rating if it's said once or twice IMO, also the ass grabbing scene isn't enough to reach an S.

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  • Brady108

    Not finished yet. I'm going to go ahead and continue to post ratings but it doesn't mean I'm abandoning the ones I didn't finished.

    1. Mental Asylum - TV-MA-S - Violence isn't enough for a V but an S for the Dolphin having sex with a Green Mermaid with partial nudity.

    2. Cops and Robbers - TV-14-DSV - Very moderate for a TV-MA.

    3. Serial Killers - TV-MA - Violence isn't enough to earn a V.

    4. Shovenpucker - TV-MA

    5. Fish? - TV-MA-V - Blade having sex with 5 girls isn't enough for an S, but a V for Mr. Pickles killing a mobster.

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  • RMaster007

    1a. Space Dogged - TV-PG - Contast jokes about Russia. Bob Camp must've been anti-communism.

    1b. Feud for Sale - TV-Y7-FV

    2a. Hair of the Cat - TV-G

    2b. City Hicks - TV-G

    3a. Stimpy's Pet - TV-PG

    3b. Ren's Brain - TV-Y7

    4a. Bellhops - TV-G

    4b. Dog Tags - TV-G

    5a. I Was a Teenage Stimpy - TV-G

    5b. Who's Stupid Now? - TV-G

    6a. School Mates - TV-G

    6b. Dinner Party - TV-G

    7a. Pen Pals - TV-Y7-FV

    7b. Big Flakes - TV-G

    8a. Terminal Stimpy - TV-PG

    8b. Reverend Jack - TV-14 - It feels very ridiculous to put a TV-14 on this show, but I gave it that rating because it mocks religion.

    9. A Scooter for Yaksmas - TV-G

    10a. Sammy and Me - TV-Y7-FV

    10b. The Last Temptation - TV-G

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  • RMaster007

    1. Hermit Ren - TV-PG

    2a. House of Next Tuesday - TV-G

    2b. A Friend in Your Face - TV-Y7 - A Y7 for Ren blowing himself up with dynamite.

    3a. Blazing Entrails - TV-Y7

    3b. Lumber Jerks - TV-G

    4a. Prehistoric Stimpy - TV-Y7

    4b. Farm Hands - TV-G

    5a. Magical Singing Golden Cheeses - TV-Y7-FV - An FV for the stupidity competition.

    5b. A Hard Day's Luck - TV-G

    6a. I Love Chicken - TV-G

    6b. Powdered Toast Man vs Waffle Woman - TV-Y7

    7a. It's a Dog's Life - TV-PG

    7b. Egg Yolkeo - TV-G

    8a. Double Header - TV-PG - This episode is rather dark.

    8b. The Scotsman in Space - TV-G

    9a. Pixie King - TV-Y7

    9b. Aloha Höek - TV-PG - References to communism gets a TV-PG.

    10a. Insomniac Ren - TV-Y7-FV - An FV for Ren being hit with golf clubs off-screen.

    10b. My Shiny Friend - T…

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  • RMaster007

    1a. To Salve and Salve Not - TV-Y7

    1b. No Pants Today - TV-G

    2a. A Yard Too Far - TV-Y7-FV - I added an FV for Ren tearing Stimpy's skin off.

    2b. Circus Midgets - TV-PG

    3a. Ren's Pecs - TV-Y7-FV - An FV for some mild blood spray during Ren's operation.

    3b. An Abe Divided - TV-G

    4. Stimpy's Cartoon Show - TV-Y7-FV - An FV for the ending with Ren, Stimpy, and Wilbur Cobb in the electric chair. Also, "crap" being said isn't a TV-PG.

    5a. Jimminy Lummox - TV-PG - I rated this one TV-PG for Ren performing cruel acts (it's nothing compared to the Adult Party Cartoon).

    5b. Bass Masters - TV-G

    6. Ren's Retirement - TV-G

    7a. Jerry the Bellybutton Elf - TV-Y7

    7b. Road Apples - TV-G

    8. Hard Times for Haggis - TV-PG

    9a. Eat my Cookies - TV-G

    9b. Ren's Bitter Half - …

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  • RMaster007

    Not finished yet. This does not include uses of the f-word in rating the episodes.

    1a. Angry Unpaid Hooker - TV-14-DS

    1b. Rodney's Bachelor Party - TV-14 - I was going to rate this one TV-14-DL.

    2a. Latino Tim - TV-PG-L

    2b. The Priest is Drunk - TV-14 - While this episode could easily be a TV-PG-DL, but showing an alcoholic priest could offend some viewers, so it gets a TV-14.

    3a. Senior Prom - TV-14

    3b. Tim Fights an Old Man - TV-14-L

    4a. Mad Dog Tim - TV-14 - Not enough profanity to get an L.

    4b. Monday Night Confession - TV-14-DL

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  • Brady108

    Not yet finished. I just realized that many episodes in this season are banned because of Beavis and Butthead's dangerous activities, also the lines like "fire!" and "Let's burn something" were removed on TV.

    1. Scientific Stuff - TV-14 - Crude jokes about Periods and Vibrators but it's not enough for a D.

    2. Good Credit - TV-PG-DLSV

    3. Burger World - TV-PG-D

    4. Baby Makes Uh, Three - TV-14 - Just for Beavis and Butthead trying to fix with the sound of a woman moaning but they're not watching porn, it later ended up a woman giving birth. If that scene was shorter it would be a TV-PG-S.

    5. Beware of a Butt - TV-14-DS - A D for Butthead joking about "stroking his wiener" and an S for a fat lady having sex in a Van. Also, a horror movie that Beavi…

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  • RMaster007

    Pilot/Mr. Bawk Ba Gawk - TV-PG

    Goldfish - TV-PG

    Time Machine - TV-PG

    War Next Door - TV-PG-L - Violence is too mild to get a V, but Zorak frequently swearing gets an L.

    Hippo - TV-PG

    Mobab - TV-PG

    Expiration Day - TV-PG-L - Other swears are fine without an L, but the word "bastard" does get an L.

    Psychoklahoma - TV-PG

    The Eye - TV-PG

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  • RMaster007

    Shows I'm planning to rate are John Callahan's Quads, Mission Hill, Ranma 1/2, Todd McFarlane's Spawn, and Samurai Champloo.

    1. Welcome to Brickleberry - TV-14-DLSV - The beginning scene with animals making love isn't enough to get a TV-MA.

    2. Two Weeks Notice - TV-MA - I had to give it a TV-MA for "cockblocked" being said uncensored. If it's censored, then it's a TV-14-DLSV.

    3. Saved by the Balls - TV-14-DLSV - Drug use doesn't get a TV-MA in my opinion. And testicles being shown doesn't get an S or a TV-MA, but I gave it an S for Mallory humping various objects.

    4. Squabbits - TV-14-DLSV - I originally rated this one TV-MA.

    5. Race Off - TV-14-LV - It's kinda racist, but not really enough to get a TV-MA. Also, the n-word being said doesn't ge…

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  • Brady108

    I'm going to do ratings for every season of Beavis and Butthead, but I'm still planning on finishing Harvey Birdman season 2, Xavier: Renegade Angel season 1, and Frisky Dingo season 1. And soon I will upload ratings on Sealab 2021 Seasons 3 and 4, Mr. Pickles Season 2, and The Boondocks Season 4.

    1. The Mystery of Morning Wood - TV-14-DS - An S for the fairy going into Beavis and Buttheads pants to give them stiffies.

    2. U.S. History - TV-14-D - A D for Beavis saying "anal report".

    3. Feel a Cop - TV-14-D 

    4. Date Watchers - TV-14-D 

    5. Blood Pressure - TV-14 - Originally rated TV-PG-DL - I have to rate it TV-14 for Butthead suggesting Beavis to his penis in a Blood Pressure machine. Every things else is moderate.

    6. Babysitters - TV-PG-DL

    7. Vi…

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  • RMaster007

    1. Hostile Makeover - TV-14 (TV rating)/TV-MA-L (DVD rating) - I was going to rate this one TV-PG-DLV, but because of "shit" being said, it's a TV-14. But it's not an L because it's said only once and pretty briefly.

    2. Maybe No Go - TV-14 (Original rating), TV-PG-DLV (Re-rating), TV-14-L (DVD rating) - I was going to rate this one TV-14 for a sexual reference, but it's too moderate for that. And the f-word is only said twice, so it's okay with a TV-14-L.

    3. Faking Miracles - TV-PG-DL (TV rating)/TV-MA-L (DVD rating) - Too moderate to get a TV-14. And violence is too mild to get a V.

    4. Rapacity in Blue - TV-PG-DLV - There's no sexual content, so no S. Also, I was going to rate this one TV-14, but I don't think that the jokes about religion a…

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  • RMaster007

    1a. Ren's Toothache - TV-Y7 - Ren pulling out his nerve endings is pretty gross for a TV-G.

    1b. Rubber Nipple Salesmen - TV-PG - The scene with Mr. Horse is pretty disturbing for general audiences.

    2. Sven Hoëk - TV-PG - The infamous scene with Ren making violent threats towards Stimpy and Sven gets a TV-PG.

    3a. Haunted House - TV-Y7-FV - A FV for the bloody head scene, which isn't enough for a TV-PG. The DVD version of this episode is a plain TV-Y7. And the ghost drinking poison isn't enough for a TV-PG either.

    3b. Mad Dog Hoëk - TV-Y7-FV

    4a. In the Army - TV-Y7 - I originally rated this episode TV-PG for Ren going insane and destroying a bed with an axe.

    5a. Big Baby Scam - TV-Y7

    5b. Dog Show - TV-G - George Liquor's name is okay for a TV-G, be…

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  • RMaster007

    0. Big House Blues - TV-G - This is for both the original and edited versions.

    1. Stimpy's Big Day/The Big Shot - TV-G - This is for both episodes.

    2a. Robin Hoëk - TV-Y7

    2b. Nurse Stimpy - TV-Y7

    3a. Space Madness - TV-Y7

    3b. The Boy Who Cried Rat - TV-G

    4a. Fire Dogs - TV-G

    4b. The Littlest Giant - TV-G

    5a. Marooned - TV-Y7-FV - I gave it a FV for the scenes with Ren attacking Stimpy.

    5b. Untamed World - TV-G

    6a. Black Hole - TV-G

    6b. Stimpy's Invention - TV-Y7

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    1. Get Away From my Mom - TV-PG-L - Erik saying the f-word in duck talk gets an L.

    2. I Don't Do Well in Parent-Teacher Conferences - TV-PG-L - Paula saying the f-word during her conference gets an L.

    3. The Art of the Sucker Punch - TV-PG - There's no sexual references, so a D isn't needed.

    4. Brendon Gets Rabies - TV-PG - There's barely any profanity, so an L isn't needed.

    5. Yoko - TV-PG

    6. Director's Cut - TV-PG

    7. It Was Supposed to be Funny - TV-PG

    8. Method of Acting - TV-PG - There's not really any strong sexual references, so a D isn't needed.

    9. Life Through a Fish Eye Lens - TV-PG

    10. School Nurse - TV-PG

    11. Mortgages and Marbles - TV-PG

    12. Law and Boarder - TV-PG - Brendon getting hit by a car in the beginning of the episode is too mild…

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    Spin Fun Knowin' Ya! - TV-14

    House Warming - TV-PG-V - Violence is pretty mild.

    Helping Helps - TV-14 - Giggles getting decapitated isn't a V.

    Crazy Ant-ics - TV-14-V - Every episode involving the ants is a TV-14.

    Havin' a Ball - TV-14

    Water you Wading For? - TV-14

    Nuttin' Wrong with Candy - TV-PG-V

    Wheelin' and Dealin' - TV-14-V - A V for Handy's intestines being exposed.

    Pitchin' Impossible - TV-14

    Stayin' Alive - TV-PG-V

    Treasure These Idol Moments - TV-14 - Toothy's death is a TV-14.

    Chip Off the Ol' Block - TV-14

    Nuttin' But the Tooth - TV-PG-V - Nutty's jaw getting ripped off isn't enough to reach a TV-14.

    Hide and Seek - TV-14 - How Flippy kills the others is a TV-14.

    Who's Line is it Anyway? - TV-14

    Boo Do You Think You Are? - TV-14-V - A V for S…

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    Wrong Side of the Tracks - TV-14-V

    From Hero to Eternity - TV-14-V

    And The Kitchen Sink - TV-PG-V

    Party Animal - TV-MA - I was going to put a V subrating on this one, but it's not violent enough for that.

    Ipso Fatso - TV-14-V

    Don't Yank my Chain - TV-14-LV - Even though clear english is not spoken in the series, I added an L because at one point, it sounds like Lumpy is saying "shut the f*ck up".

    Doggone It - TV-14-V

    Concrete Solution - TV-14-V

    Sea What I Found - TV-14-V

    Easy For You to Sleigh - TV-14

    Wishy Washy - TV-MA - Petunia's death is why this one gets a TV-MA.

    Who's to Flame - TV-14-V

    Every Litter Bit Hurts - TV-14-V

    As You Wish - TV-14-V

    Take a Hike - TV-14

    Snow Place to Go - TV-14

    Dunce Upon a Time - TV-14-V

    Gems the Breaks - TV-14-V - I was goin…

    Read more >
  • Brady108

    1. What Life D-D-Doth - TV-14-DLSV - Almost given a TV-MA but it's very moderate. 

    2. Chief Beef Loco - TV-14-DV - A man getting his arms chopped up by a mexican gang member isn't enough to get a TV-MA.

    3. Weapons Grade Life - TV-MA - I don't really give religious content a TV-MA, but due to it being mocked it earns that rating.

    4. The 6th Teat of God Intentions" - TV-14-DSV - I don't think Xavier breastfeeding the babies and Snakehead and the Dogs eating the babies are enough to earn a TV-MA. An S for the Buffalo humping another Buffalo, and a V for the police officer shoothing himself, but it's off-screan so no TV-MA.

    5. Pet Siouxicde - TV-14-DV - The red gold massacre scene at the end isn't enough for a TV-MA.

    6. World of Hurt, B.C. - TV-MA


    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    That's right. A kid's show. Not yet finished.

    Pilot - TV-Y7-FV

    The Nightmare Begins - TV-Y7

    Bestest Friend - TV-Y7-FV - I gave it a FV subrating for there being a silhouette of Keef's eyes getting ripped out and replaced with robot eyes.

    Nanozim - TV-Y7

    Parent Teacher Night - TV-Y7

    Walk of Doom - TV-Y7

    Germs - TV-Y7-FV - A FV for the movie Zim and Gir watch in the beginning of the episode.

    Dark Harvest - TV-PG - Zim stealing organs from kids is a bit too much for a TV-Y7.

    Attack of the Saucer Morons - TV-Y7

    The Wettening - TV-Y7

    Career Day - TV-Y7

    Battle-Dib - TV-Y7-FV

    Planet Jackers - TV-Y7-FV - A FV for Zim's eye popping out of its socket.

    Rise of the Zitboy - TV-Y7

    Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain - TV-Y7

    Bad, Bad, Rubber Piggy - TV-PG - Zim tormenting …

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    1. Webnecks - TV-14-DV (Original rating) TV-14-V (Current rating) - I originally put an L for the narrator saying "God-f*cking-damnit". I originally put a D on it for erotica being mentioned, but it's too moderate.

    2. Beast Implants - TV-14-DLV (Original rating) TV-14-DV (Current rating) - There's almost no profanity whatsoever, so no L.

    3. Tween Stream - TV-14-DL - There's barely any violence aside from Early beating up Glenn, so a V isn't needed.

    4. Wing Nut - TV-14-DLV - I can see why it was rated TV-MA, but it's too moderate.

    5. Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto is "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation" - TV-14-DL - Not violent enough for a V. Also, I saw this episode on KissCartoon (before it died), and I noticed it…

    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    Not finished yet.

    A Very Venture Halloween - TV-14-L

    What Color is your Cleansuit? - TV-14-L - An L for bleeped profanity. The uncensored version is a TV-MA-L.

    Venture Libre - TV-14 - The general flipping off Dr. Venture isn't an L. I gave this one a TV-14 mainly because of Hank taking a dump behind a bush and someone urinating. The uncensored version is a TV-14-L.

    Sphinx Rising - TV-14-D - The uncensored version is a TV-MA-L.

    Spanakopita! - TV-PG-LV - Too light for a TV-14. The uncensored version is a TV-14-L.

    Read more >
  • Brady108

    1. Blackwatch Plaid - TV-14 - Too light to earn a D.

    2. Trio's Company - TV-14-DS - Originally rated TV-MA for sexual content.

    3. The Delvins Made Me Do It - TV-14-D

    4. High Speed Buggy Chase - TV-14-DLS - An L for the phrase on the rap song "Suck my..", and an S for couples having sex behind the court room at the end.

    5. SPF - TV-14-DS - An S for porn on the computer.

    6. Back to the Present - TV-14-L - An L for Phil calling Orbitty a pussy.

    7. Grape Juiced - TV-14-D

    8. Peanut Puberty - TV-14-DS - An S for an Ox humping another Ox.

    9. Gone Effiecen....t - TV-PG-D

    10. Droopy Botox - TV-14-D

    11. Guitar Control - TV-14-D - One use of "asshole" doesn't earn an L.

    Read more >
  • Brady108
    1. Bannon Custody Battle - TV-PG
    2. Very Personal Injury - TV-14-D - A D for frequent boner references.
    3. Shaggy Busted - TV-14
    4. Death by Chocolate - TV-PG-D - One use of damn doesn't earn an L. A D for mild sexual references
    5. Shoyu Weenie - TV-14
    6. The Dabba Don - TV-PG-V
    7. Deadomutt Part 1 - TV-14
    8. Deadomutt Part 2 - TV-PG-DLV
    9. X, the Eliminator - TV-PG-DL - Even though there is barely any profanity, but for Phil almost spelling the word "fuck" earns an L.
    Read more >
  • Brady108

    Not finished yet.

    1. Meet Killface - TV-MA
    2. Meet Awsome-X - TV-14-DSV - There's only one bleeped dialouge so no L needed.
    3. Pimp My Revenue - TV-14 - There is barely any profanity and Taqu'll bleeding at the beginning doesn't get a V. But the reason I rate it TV-14 is for some sexual references.
    4. XPO - TV-14-DS
    5. Kidnapped - TV-14-LS - An S for The Dread Lobster ejaculating. It's never shown so it's fine with a TV-14-S.
    6. Emergency Room - TV-14-DV
    7. Meet Antagone - TV-14-DLSV
    8. Blind Faith - TV-14 - This episode could be rated TV-PG-DLV if it doesn't feature Barnaby Jones's tatoo which is a penis.
    9. The Odd Couple - TV-14-DL - Sexual references are pretty moderate, Barnaby being naked throughout the episode doesn't get an S becuase it's not sexual. Also, one of the…
    Read more >
  • Brady108
    1. Der Dieb - TV-PG-DLV - This is too moderate for a TV-14 rating.
    2. The Policy - TV-PG-LV - A V for Captain Murphy getting electrocuted.
    3. Hail, Squishface - TV-14
    4. Bizarro - TV-14-DLS
    5. Legend of Baggy Pants - TV-PG-DLV - Captain Murphy flipping off doesn't get a TV-14 rating.
    6. Tinfins - TV-14
    7. 7111 - TV-Y7
    8. Feast of Alvis - TV-14-L
    9. Brainswitch - TV-PG-DLSV - A V for Quinn getting electrocuted.
    10. Vacation - TV-PG-DLV
    11. Fusebox - TV-PG-DL
    12. Article 4 - TV-PG-LV
    13. Return to Oblivion - TV-14-DLS
    Read more >
  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished. Also, every uncensored episode is a TV-MA-L.

    Jackson Five Across' yo Eyes - TV-14-DLSV - I almost removed the S on this one. But due to some women being shown waking up in Black Dynamite's bed, and a mild sex scene, it's an S.

    Bullhorn Nights - TV-MA - Constant jokes about porn is definitely a TV-MA

    Taxes and Death - TV-14-DL

    Read more >
  • Brady108

    Every episode uncensored is rated TV-MA-L.

    1. Fanklok - TV-MA-V

    2. Diversityklok - TV-14-DLS - An S for women giving head in the hot tub, but it never showed them giving head.

    3. Pranklok - TV-14-DL - The violence is too mild for a V.

    4. Motherklok - TV-MA - The accidental deaths at the carnivel isn't enough for a V.

    5. Bookklok - TV-14-LV - The cannibal scene at the forest isn't strongs enough for a TV-MA since it's barely shown, as well as the ending.

    6. Writerklok - TV-MA-V

    7. Dethcamp - TV-14-DLSV - A scene of a woman giving a guy head is very brief and it isn't really graphic.

    8. Dethvanity - TV-14-DLS

    9. Going Downklok - TV-MA - Originally rated TV-MA-S. 

    10. Dethdinner - TV-MA - People getting stabbed in the abdomen by an elephant horn doesn'…

    Read more >

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