Frame16 first appeared in Video Ouija. After Master Shake committed suicide in order to harass and haunt Meatwad through his Video Oujia video game, he gets bored and realizes that he can't simply come back to life, so Frylock hires ("One convenient Africa.") to resurrect him from the dead. He seems confused about his task at first, questioning what kind of a chicken Shake is, then admitting " work mostly... with chicken." is later killed by Frylock after exhausting his patience following a number of failed efforts to resurrect Shake and a number of pranks, including forcing Carl to hold hands with Frylock then telling him to "Kiss him deep, with tongue. Ha ha, just kidding, dirty boy!" and having the group chant the "magic words" "I am Sofa King, We Todd Ed".

After is killed, Frylock decides to give it one more shot, and by taking his Chicken resurrecting stick and chanting "Shake if you can hear me arise!!","Arise!!", and unintentionally summons Ultra Mega Chicken, a massive chicken with horns and jet engines, which falls out of the sky, landing on Carl and crushing him to death. makes a cameo appearance in One Hundred during the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad sequence.


  • is (strangely enough) the second character to have a website as his name, the first being

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