The monkeys while they are imprisoning the Aqua Teens.

The Banana Planet Monkeys are the inhabitants of the Banana Planet; they appeared in the episode Banana Planet. The Aqua Teens met them when they built a rocket and went to their planet because they were sending an S.O.S signal. Frylock thought they were sending a distress signal, but they were really asking for "sauce."


They are unintelligent, building their society using their own feces. They are unaware that they are living on top of a giant banana that could be used for sustenance, instead turning to trying to grow a tree using a ham.

Another example of their low intelligence is even when the fact that they live on a giant banana was pointed out to them, they denied it.


While stupid, they function much like earth primates as they throw semen and feces and have a king who lives in a dome that will elect a new king if one turd exits the dome.

The dome

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