"Banana Planet"
Season 10, Episode 4
Original air date September 9, 2013
Production code 10x4
Written by Matt Maiellaro,
Dave Willis
Directed by Matt Maiellaro,
Dave Willis
Parental Advisory TV-MA
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 10
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Banana Planet is the fourth episode in Season 10 and the 124th overall episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


The episode starts at nighttime when Frylock shows Meatwad the Belt of Orion through his telescope, Meatwad say it neat, Frylock agrees and ask Meatwad if he want to see it up close, Meatwad refuses as he playing on a phone and Frylock angrily takes it from him. Meatwad gets mad and say a guy on a bus gave it to him and claims its a smartphone, but Frylock reveals to Meatwad that is a calculator and not a smartphone. Meatwad say he got it upside-down, the numbers are shown are "55378008", when upside-down, it spells the word "Boobless", Frylock then say it actually was funny if Meatwad was a 4th Grader.

Frylock pulls Meatwad to the telescope, he looks to see that is a big old yellow banana, Frylock doubts this and thinks its the Belt of Conpernicus. Meatwad say it a banana, Frylock looks at this and Meatwad was right about it, he tells Meatwad to give him his audio oscilloscope, but the latter don't have it and stick his finger in his butt and ask the former to smell it. Master Shake chimes in and say he can smell it with his straw a couple of times to reveal that Meatwad been eating Master Shake honey-baked ham, Meatwad claims he innocent and Shake pulls up the aforementioned ham with his name in mustard. Frylock tells both of them to shut up because he hear monkey shouts and its morse code, pointed out by Frylock and said its an S.O.S. signal, Shake say its spells sauce, the former denises that and the latter yells through the satellite dish. Meatwad asks Frylock if they gonna help them, he tells him that this is a more responsibility to do. The next day, Morning, Carl is sitting in his pool, to see that its quiet over at the Aqua Teens House, saying they might got poisoning, he probably should check over there, there are 4 signs on Carl's lawn with each saying, "Danger! Pool Rocket.", Carl! Do Not Use Pool", "Warning! Blast Zone!", and "Stay Clear of Rocket Blast!", which confuses Carl and his pool moving with all the water flowing out and Carl hanging on to the stair rail, only to reveal for a rocket to launch off from it.

Inside the rocket, it shows the Aqua Teens are in the rocket, much for Frylock and Meatwad excitement, then shock as the two roommates can hear Carl screaming as his house, his pool (with the water turning into ash), and Carl himself on fire. Frylock angrily reminds to Shake that he put the signs from earlier, he say he lean them. The rocket is super-illegal, Shake brought his ham from earlier and quickly split into slices, much for Shake dismay, Frylock frustration, and Meatwad delight. Frylock boost the thrusters to send Shake back to the wall, with ham slices all around him, the three protagonists crashed-landed into Banana Planet and sent Master Shake flying through the window and into the ground. When Meatwad and Frylock about to go on the planet and was shocked to see that a bunch of purple banana monkeys are all over the planet, Frylock use a microphone to speak with the monkeys, Meatwad takes and sing part of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme Song, Frylock jerks its from him. The monkeys (with Shake in one scene) then reach in their butts and throw green poop at both of them and was disgusted by this, one of them say to masturbate to get more poop (while a terrified Shake runs behind a horrified Frylock and Meatwad), Frylock grabs Meatwad and tells them they are leaving, the chimps stopped them, the 3 Aqua Teens was flabbergasted by this and Frylock tries to reason with them, but fails while one of them checks Shake butt.

The chimps then sentenced them to the "Bananasism", which is really a velvet rope around them, it doesn't affect them, the monkey with no-hairstyle say if two turds emerges from the dome, which is really a giant yellow monkey butt, the buzzcut monkey saying if one turd emerges, they be king. They keep repeating this, until Frylock stops this, the chimps then say about semen and without turds, they don't have enough food to make turds, Meatwad tells them about Shake ham, but the latter furiously kicks the former to shut him up, the Aqua Teens are explain to the chimpanzees that they on a large banana, but are too stupid to know that.

The monkeys claimed that they should should get "Cir-thumbed-sized", Frylock ask what that means, they say they'll rip off their thumbs, Shake looks around in terror because he the only one that has thumbs, the monkey try pulling off Shake's, he lies being Jewish, but the same monkey smells Shake and smells because of his ham, Frylock ask why they sent an S.O.S., it actually turns out that SOS does indeed spells "sauce", meaning that Shake was right the whole time and scolds Frylock for not believing him earlier, the monkey rips off Shake thumb in a bloody mess, much for Shake horror. Frylock asks what sauce they want, they want BBQ Sauce, Frylock say they'll go back to earth, the monkeys claimed that he might be lying to them, the monkeys then do a proposal which is really them masturbating, hooting really loudly, and throwing poop. The monkeys called the dome, an elder throw 4 turds, which shocks the monkeys to attacks the dome, giving Frylock and his brothers to escape, as all of them but Shake board the ship, a monkey ask where he going, he furiously say, 'Home, Asshole!", because of how they treated him and ripping his thumb off from his hand, one of them hanging on the flame engine, only to get burned. As they about to leave, it turns out that Frylock lied about bringing BBQ Sauce and Shake fix his ham back to normal, Meatwad then wonders why the rocket isn't moving right now.

It shows that the monkeys create a chain from the stem to prevent them to leaving, with one of them on board, Frylock yell "Full Thrusters!", one of them say, "You'll never escape Banana Planet!". Enraged, Frylock has enough of the monkeys and Shake ham, as he grabs the ham and throw it out of the rocket, much to Shake shock, the monkeys all jumps off from the rocket, allowing them to be free. In trepidation because of his ham, Shake stupidly jumps out of the window, letting both Frylock and Meatwad to go back to Earth, while they have to leave Master Shake into space and on the planet. Back on Banana Planet, the chimps fight for the ham until one of them stops this and plants the ham.

Then the monkeys masturbate, while Shake in the ground telling them that his ham comes from an animal, the monkey then said to Shake, "Shut Up! Can't you see we're trying to masturbate?!" The episode then rolled to the credits.

Featured characters


  1. Carl burns to death.


Shake: Ham. I brought it.
Frylock: Attention, citizens of this big ol'.... yellow banana. We are the Aqua Teens.
Meatwad: (Snatches megaphone) We make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream.
Frylock: Gimmie that!

Shake: You guys know ham doesn't grow, right? It comes from an animal!
Monkey: Shut up! Can't you see we're trying to masturbate!?


  • This is the only episode of the season that is rated TV-MA.
  • Meatwad makes a reference to the original ATHF theme when arriving on the planet.
  • Even though the monkeys planned to rip all three of the Aqua Teen's thumbs off, Shake is the only one that has thumbs.
  • In this episode, Shake is shown to be able to smell things through his straw.

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