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"Baffler Meal" is an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast that was meant to introduce the Aqua Teens.
ATHF-Baffler Meal

The Original Aqua Teens.


Space Ghost arrives, and tells Zorak to take off a tribal mask he's wearing. Zorak keeps telling Space Ghost no, and Space Ghost begins chasing Zorak. A strange set of food items named the Aqua Teen Hunger Force are on set, named Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad. Space Ghost explains that the Aqua Teens are delicious food items from the restaurant Burger Trench. Moltar and Zorak both think Burger Trench is disgusting food. Shake jumps on Space Ghost's desk. Zorak takes away Frylock's amulet, and Frylock tries to attack Zorak with a fry sword. Zorak takes away the fry sword and eats it. Shake seems to have some sort of push over Space Ghost, who explains to Zorak that they're all on the same team now. Shake quickly reveals that Space Ghost's houseboat is the result of signing a contract with Burger Trench. Moltar and Zorak get angry with Space Ghost, feeling like they've been sold out. Space Ghost explains that they're still doing the show, just with the Aqua Teens. Space Ghost tries to get the guest out, but Moltar drags Shake away by questioning Meatwad what the Aqua Teens do. Shake notes that Moltar didn't get a Limited Edition cup with the rest of the Space Ghost gang. Zorak rips Frylock's left eye out with his teeth. Willie Nelson is now on the set. Space Ghost blasts Zorak. Shake keeps interrupting the interview, shilling for Burger Trench. Meatwad explains to Moltar that he's composed out of the meat of unwanted pieces of burgers. Shake is still talking about his commercial, and interrupting the interview. Moltar initiates hunger imagery, to make the audience crave food. Space Ghost points out that the Aqua Teens were only supposed to run through occasionally, not take over the show. Space Ghost yells at Shake. Shake threatens to take away Space Ghost's boat. Space Ghost knocks over Shake, spilling chocolate-goodness all over the floor, before blasting And killing Frylock. Moltar arrives, with a mangled And dead Meatwad as a mask. Shake is dying on the ground, and explains that classic rock will forever be changed. In a live-action sequence, a classic rock song about Burger Trench is being performed, at Space Ghost and Zorak's expense. The episode ends with Master Shake still on the floor asking God if he's in heaven or on television.



This episode was originally scripted for the 1999 season of Space Ghost, but was rejected because it focused too much on the Aqua Teens. Instead, writers Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis decided to take the ATHF, modify them, and turn them into a series on their own, while the episode was rewritten and became "Kentucky Nightmare". When ATHF became popular, the writers decided to finish "Baffler Meal". The episode was played as part of the Adult Swim New Years Eve Marathon, immediately after Meatwad was dropped in Times Square and the new year rang in on January 1st, 2003. The episode was later featured on the ATHF Volume Two DVD Box Set as a disc two extra. Todd Hanson, who worked on the show for a week, according to the commentary, pitched a character named Napkin Lad. He was rejected. Then, eleven years later in Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, he appeared in Last Dance for Napkin Lad.

The Aqua TeensEdit

The Original Aqua Teens were very different from how we know them today.

Master ShakeEdit

The Original Master Shake

The original Master Shake was voiced by Dave Willis, and sounded more like Ignignokt. He had no hands, looked shorter, and had the Burger Trench logo on his backside.



The original Frylock had crinkle-cut french fries, legs, an Amulet of Idahocules which holds his powers, a fry sword, complete arms, and a voice that sounded much like Err. His personality is whiny in his first appearance. But Later He Was Blasted And Killed By Space Ghost. He Was Voiced By Matt Maiellaro.



Meatwad was very similar as he is today; he still looked similar, sounded the same, but was gloomy and depressed. But Was Mangled, And Killed By Moltar. He Was Also Voiced by Dave Willis Then.

Napkin LadEdit

Main article: Napkin Lad

Napkin Lad was originally meant to promote cleanliness in the episode, and had a very cheerful attitude. In the original draft, But He Was Killed By Zorak, Because He Poured Water On Him. He later appeared in Last Dance for Napkin Lad, an Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 episode.

Napkin lad

Napkin Lad in Last Dance for Napkin Lad.

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