Aqua Something You Know Whatever Let the Whatever Begin00:35

Aqua Something You Know Whatever Let the Whatever Begin

The Aqua Something You Know Whatever theme song is performed by Mariachi El Bronx and assisted by Schoolly D.


  • (Sup, homie? You thought, just cuz we changed our name, you could mess with the Aqua Somethin', man?)
  • (Ah ha ha ha!)
  • (Ah, ah)
  • (Mmm, Frylock es tan caliente)
  • (Ah, ah)
  • I'm the pimp on top, can't never be stopped
  • Frylock's on the bottom and yo mama on my (BAWK!)
  • (Shake Zula es elegante de la casa, el Meatwad es tan grande)
  • Don't understand why you (BOING)in' with the "G"
  • Cuz Shake got the bling, make the blind man see
  • Meatwad got yo mom in my ride
  • Rollin' up the hold up and they keep the ho's high
  • Aqua Something You Know!
  • (Ehh, Whatever)

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