ATHF Volume Five DVD Box Set
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
AquaTeenHungerForce V5
Release Date January 29, 2008
Region 1
Distributor Warner Bros. Home Video
Disc Count 2
Episode Count 15
Retail Price $29.98
Video Full Frame
Audio English
Subtitles Closed Captioned
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Next ATHF Volume Six DVD Box Set

ATHF Volume Five DVD Box Set is the fifth DVD box set for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


ATHF Volume Five DVD Box Set is the fifth DVD box set for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It contains all thirteen episodes of the show's fourth season. It features both parts of Deleted Scenes and the uncensored Dickesode. The box set was first released in the US on January 29, 2008. The following information applies to the Region 1 US release.

Disc Breakdown

Disc One


  1. "Dirtfoot"
  2. "Boost Mobile"
  3. "Dickesode" (available uncensored)
  4. "Hand Banana"
  5. "Party All the Time"
  6. "Bart Oates"
  7. "Global Grilling"
  8. "Grim Reaper Gutters"
  9.  "Moonajuana"

Disc Two


  1. "Bart Oates"
  2. "Antenna"
  3. "Ezekiel"
  4. "Carl Wash"
  5. "Star Studded Xmas Spectacular" (Part 1)
  6. "Star Studded Xmas Spectacular" (Part 2)

Special Features

All special features can be found on disc two.

Easter Eggs

Disc One

From the Main Menu, go to Setup. Highlight "English 2.0", then press left to highlight the sun and press enter. This displays a live-action comedy/horror sequence involving Ignignokt stickers (title 16 on the disc).

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