The 9-Layer Bean Burrito
Voiced by Tina Fey
First appearance Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
Episode count 1
Species Food / 9 Layer Bean Burrito
Family Walter Melon (supposed husband) Aqua Teens (Sons)
Gender Female
Quote "Yes Frylock, I am your mother!" I also had sex with that Waltermelon prick, so he's your fucking GOD AWFUL SO CALLED FATHER!"

The 9-Layer Bean Burrito is the wife of Walter Melon and the self-proclaimed mother of the Aqua Teens. Shake is so startled by her, he jumps out a window. Meatwad seems to like her, because he hugs her. Frylock is startled by her, but also seems to like her, saying "neat" when she says that she's their mother. She has white tortilla for skin, big lips, large breasts, and a silver wrapper for a dress.


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