This topic will be used to highlight outstanding, large bulks of work that needs to be done around the Wiki. When taking on large tasks, please post here so that your fellow contributors may help you. When finishing large bulks of tasks, please point out that these tasks have been finished. Thanks!


Many pages are poorly written or they are full of little-to-no content. Of note are the pages for the more recent episodes, many of which are lacking a plot and have very little trivia.  
Add in outstanding references. It is difficult to confirm that contributions are correct when confirming it is difficult. 
Clean up categories.
I would like a logo for our Wiki. Unfortunately, I am graphically challenged. 
Remove broken or unnecessary links from pages so they no longer appear in the Wanted Pages.


Add a category for every season and add all the episodes to their respective season category - DONE
Delete all the broken videos that people have uploaded over the years - DONE 
I finally found a way to incorporate a specific seasons episodes into every episode page. Now I have to add the proper code into every episode page. (Admin only)

Misc Work

Siberian99 (talk) 08:09, November 6, 2013 (UTC)